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Old Jun 6th, 2011, 01:22 PM
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Help re clutch death on cooper D at 26000 miles!!

Hi all,

Long time since i came on here since i left Mini's

Anyway, my uncle owns a nov 2008 Cooper D which he bought as an ex demo in 2009. Last week when driving back the coast and going up steep incline the clutch let go and he lost all drive.

BMW mini emergency ( the free service you get with new cars) picked him up and took the car to a dealership.

The dealer has then been a complete ass since then and have said they cannot tell him if its a warranty job until they have got the gearbox out. So today he gets a call to say that the clutch has gone and its also damaged the flywheel and the toal bill is expected to be abut 2400. He's gone mental as you can expect and they are saying no mechanical fault with clutch its just worn down so not warranty work.

Now this guy drives cars very easily, never thrashes them, he's the guy who's tyres on his Landrover discovery lasted 80,000 miles. The mini is used as his second car and has a landrover as his everyday car.

With the dealer saying no way its warranty do you think its normal to expect a clutch to last just 26,000 miles in 2 and a half years?????

I said no way as even my cluch on civic was fine at 85,000 miles

PS he is second owner, the car was ex demo when he bought it from Mini with 6000 miles on the clock so could have had a hard long list of drivers in those 6000 miles.

A friend has said that there have been problems with misallighned clutches in the past.

Can anybody help out with ideas or any known cases of same thing happening????
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Old Jun 6th, 2011, 02:42 PM
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I think if you do a search you will see several examples of this type of thing. I am of the opinion that the dual mass flywheel and clutch on the Mini and most particularly on the Cooper D is a weak point which can suffer premature failure. I recollect seeing on one of the threads, posts from a motor engineer who posted details about known problems due to misalignment of these particular clutches (they are from a particular manufacturer) which results in exactly the symptoms your uncle has encountered. Mislignment could obviously have been there since car build.
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Thanks for this post from:
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Old Jun 11th, 2011, 07:22 AM
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I had the exact same problem on my Dooper Clubman, the clutch went at 30,000KM, turned out the flywheel was loose which caused premature clutch wear, I also had to replace the flywheel. My clubman was an 07 model and just out of warranty when this happened, had it been within warranty MINI would have replaced the clutch and flywheel.
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Old Jul 18th, 2012, 10:02 PM
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Clutch issue mini cooper D

Hi everyone,2 weeks ago I have had the same problem as most of you. my clutch gave up on me after having the car for 2 1/2 years and 65K km.

After 2 weeks keeping my car in their garage, Mini/bmw told me that the Clutch has to be changed and that is because of I am a very bad driver.
Well I have been driving cars for the past 20 years and never had a issue. honestly I am not Michael Schumacher, but I do know how to drive.

When I tried to discuss this with the Mini / Bmw dealer they told me that they cant do anything about it and that I only have to pay the bill which is 1800 Euro.

I come to a point that I lost my trust in the brand ( the funny thing is that a survey company called me last week in name of Mini cooper and BMW to ask about my satisfaction on the dealer and brand OL )

Someone ask how to proof that we all are not a bad drivers like they say, well As my wife is a very good lawyer I am planning to take legal action against the brand in order that they will recognize the probleem and that those who will have the same problem after us do not have to visit forums and website.

It all comes down to this:
if you see what I SEE, if you feel as I FEEL, and if you would seek as I SEEK, then I ask you ALL to stand beside me , to take action my contacting me my mail ( and TOGETHER we shall give them a "Letter" that shall never, ever be forgot.
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Old Jul 19th, 2012, 05:53 PM
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It is in actual fact possible to wear a clutch plate out inside a couple of thousand miles, you dont need to be doing Schumacher starts to do it either, just not have very good clutch control, like holding the car on a slope slipping the clutch instead of using the handbrake, driving with your foot riding the clutch pedal, excess revving of the engine when manoeuvring the car or on start off from standstill.
I often hear folk using far too many revs to start off who obviously havent a clue about how a clutch works and have even seen one smoking after someone had numberous attempts at trying to park the car.
Of course there are manufacturing faults that can cause premature wear, but theres just as many user caused reasons too.
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Old Aug 22nd, 2012, 12:03 AM
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Unhappy clutch eating Mini... my experiance with Mini of El Paso

Very Disappointed is actually an understatement. I have a 2011 Mini Cooper S that I paid a pretty penny for thinking I was paying for a quality vehicle with a company that stands behind their product & warranty however, I am beginning to wonder. Your dealership states : "Our commitment to customer service is second to none. We offer one of the most comprehensive parts and service departments in the automotive industry.” Correct? Well on August 11th, 2012 I was driving to work ( about 35 miles south of Ft. Stockton Texas on hwy 285 in the middle of NO Where when suddenly my car will not shift into gears … I turned the vehicle off & went to restart the vehicle & nothing. Its 108 degrees outside & I am stranded in the middle of NO where. I am just lucky my cell phone worked I called roadside assistance & they were very apologetic & nice & said they would send someone to come get me & water if I needed. The only problem was they were coming from EL Paso… I assured the nice lady I would be dead if I waited with the vehicle that long. Lucky a nice old rancher just happened to be driving by & stopped to help & gave me a lift to town. All this on Saturday August 11, 2012. The nice people from roadside assistance let me know they had picked up my vehicle & they would be towing it to Mini of El Paso. I called Monday August 13th, 2012 morning & spoke with Micheal & let him know what happened ect. & that I needed to resolve this problem quickly since I am stuck in Ft. Stockton with no vehicle. I called on Weds August 15th & he assured me he would call & let me know what the problem was. Well He never called back on Thursday August 16th I called back & left message… no return call on Friday August 17th I called again & the service clerk let me know they thought it was the clutch & flywheel but she didn’t think it would be covered .. I would have to wait & talk with Micheal. Well after sever more phone calls I finally spoke with Micheal & of course first thing out of his mouth was due to the low mile on the vehicle it was apparent the damages were due to in experience driving a standard or abuse or negligence to the vehicle. I have driven standards all my life the last 24 years of it anyway & I have never had a clutch issue with any of my vehicles until 75,000 mile range. I work VERY hard for my money & I am a 40 year old female I can assure you I don’t drag race in my car or abuse it in anyway. Thanks to the many hours patiently waiting on Micheal to return my calls I did some research on this problem & to my amazement there seems to be a large number of poorly qualified standard drivers who are mini owners. When I finally did talk to Micheal again I questioned him on this & he claims he has never heard of their being such a problem. I asked him if he had access to the internet & if so to google Mini Clutch problem because if he truly wasn’t aware ( which is doubtful) he needed to be. This was all on Friday the 17th He said that they would have to open up the clutch to determine what caused the damage but if they deemed it neglect & abuse I would be responsible for the damages I told him to go ahead & diagnose it & let me know ASAP I am going on a week without a vehicle out of town working ( which reminds me I only have 1 stop sign on my daily commute to work so not in town hotroding as he suggested) He assured me he would let me know something Sat. 18th. Saturday came & went as well as Monday. Here it Tuesday the 21st & not only do I not have an answer he also tells me they just realized the Starter is out as well. I explained to Micheal last Friday that I NEED my vehicle no later then Tuesday TODAY. I am stuck out here in Ft. Stockton bumming rides to work & My Son is scheduled to have surgery for a broken jaw & eye socket in Houston at Ben Taubs Hospital on Thursday Morning Houston is an 8 hour drive & I have NO Vehicle or any real answers. I have TRIED to be patient but this has been a horrible experience all the way around. Here are a few of the links to share with Micheal on the previous clutch issues other unlucky Mini owners have experienced.

( I cant post links yet)

these are just a few I guess I should have researched before buying a $35,000.00 vehicle but I felt like I was paying for quality & that BMW would stand behind their product & honor their warranty. Not to mention a better communication policy with the service dept. to the customer.

I hope there is someway we can get this resolved quickly as far as HOW I am going to get to Houston by Thursday at 8 am when it’s a 8 hour drive I have no idea I guess I will try to find some shuttle system to Odessa 80 miles away to the closet car-rental place & then turn around & drive to Houston. I guess I would have been better off having my car towed to Mini of Houston? I am just so very upset with the service dept right now I am in tears.

Thank You ,

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Old Aug 25th, 2012, 08:47 AM
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Quote: Originally Posted by lilcoops (original)

Your dealership states : "Our commitment to customer service is second to none.

Thank You ,


Second to none could be read as 2 nothings, there isnt any, so about right there.
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Old Dec 21st, 2012, 05:01 PM
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I bought a 2009 Convertible Cooper S in 2011 with 1900 miles on it...clutch went out after having it for a year and at 15,000 miles. Of course they said driver error and didn't want to provide any assistance. I got them to pay for most of it but learning about the domino effect of clutch and transmission repair that follow the premature clutch failure I am dumping the Mini - epic disappointment as this is THE most fun car to drive and clearly the BMW service / loyalty does not translate into the Mini brand at the dealership
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