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Exclamation MINI Runs – Behaviour, Etiquette and What to Expect

The last few runs have seen some incidents that have resulted in damage to MINIs and personal injury too – though fortunately not of a very serious nature. We have also had MINI2ers leaving runs mid-way through because they felt intimidated by the pace of other drivers and there has since been much posting and discussion about this. Let's now try and move forward in a positive fashion, learn some lessons from the last few months to ensure future events result in everybody going home at the end of the day feeling happy, in one piece, and with their MINI in one piece too.

This thread is to be purely informational, i.e. no off topic banter or debates about whether somebody else’s post is a good idea or not. It can then serve as a point of reference for both organisers of Runs, to assist them in establishing a consistent and safe format, and attendees of Runs to help them to know what to expect and how to behave for the benefit of themselves and other runners.

Some ideas below have already been used or suggested by other MINI2 users – so thank you to all contributors and apologies for stealing them and not acknowledging all of you but a particular nod does go to DietCokePlease for extensive input


Include a link to this thread in your Event thread to ensure attendees are aware of what to expect

Take time to prepare the route, research it on a map, drive it yourself, time it, change it, do it again – be aware organising will take its toll on your time.

Always provide pace notes for attendees to enable them to follow the route if separated from the main pack – try and make this available at least 2 weeks before the event to allow for people going away on holiday etc

Provide as much detail as possible on the pace notes, signage, landmarks etc

Wear a badge that clearly identifies you as an organiser so people know whom they can talk to if they need assistance on the day

Get someone who has not done the route to dry run the pace notes to check for errors – there will be some !

Organisers should aim to arrive at the meeting point at least 30 minutes before the start time.

Organisers of runs should aim to hold the start point within close proximity to a petrol station to ensure all runners can fill their tanks, especially important for those that have travelled a long distance to get to the start point

If the event is atteneded by large numbers split the runners into smaller groups. More than 30 cars in one group is impossible to keep together so aim for groups no bigger than this.

Expect people to get lost on the day – if you have a large number of runners it will always happen

Provide a mobile number for emergencies, such as those lost above

Get helpers – ask for volunteers to help on the day, have them in the middle of groups as well as the front and back to make sure people are not getting lost

Identify known hazards, such as fords, hump back bridges etc., on the pace notes

Vary the road conditions so there is variety for all types of drivers, slow twisties, faster open winding roads etc. However it is best to avoid the main “A” roads where possible as, due to traffic volume, this is where groups tend to get split up

Include mileage between each turn/change of direction on the pace notes. Show this for each section rather than as an accumulative total for the whole run, i.e. zero the trip counter between each stage

Provide frequent re-group points along the route so if someone is lost or the group gets split they can arrange to meet the rest again at the re-group point

Make it clear within the Run thread and pace notes that people are expected to drive courteously, legally and safely – persistent irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated and offenders should be asked to leave the run

Accept people do drive at different speeds to you, both slower and faster, so allow for it

Expect both negative and positive feedback from the event – and learn how to improve things the next time round

Don’t expect perfection, everyone makes mistakes


Ensure you have downloaded and printed a copy of the route pace notes, and bring it with you on the day

Read the route before the event and be as familiar as possible with it. Also bring a map in case you get lost

Program the organiser’s number into your mobile before setting off

Please be aware of the start time and help the organisers by being ready to leave on time. It’s a hard job trying to round up 20-100 MINIs.

If you are going to be late arriving at the start point phone the organiser to let them know. If you haven’t and arrive to find an empty car park then go to the first meeting point by the fastest route and meet up there – but again phone the organiser so they know to expect you.

If you have concerns about the event (speed, route etc) then talk to the organiser so they are aware. They can for instance ensure there is another driver of similar driving style that can look out for you.

If you plan to join the event mid-way through then inform the organisers of this before the event and make yourself known to the organisers when you do meet up – the organiser cannot be expected to know everybody on the day if it is a large meet so they may miss you if you have not done this.

If you are going to leave the run before the end, then please tell the Organiser, and others in your group. This is so that others do not wait for you or try to follow you.

If you are uncomfortable with the speed then slow down and go at your pace, advise the pack leader that they are going to fast for you at the next stop or via mobile

Stick to the laws of the road. Police will look out for a large number of cars together and joyfully pounce on illegal driving – in particular speed limits within urban areas

Follow the Highway Code and most importantly, be extremely courteous to other road users. Give more room than necessary to horses and pedestrians. It is important to show others that MINI2ers care.

Show respect for other road users and pedestrians

If you feel that the cars in front are driving without consideration for you or for other road users, please do not try to keep up. Ignore peer pressure to keep up. No one will castigate you for driving slower.

Bear in mind that just because the MINI in front has passed a hazard does not mean you can! Your cars may look the same, but different tyres, or being in a different gear, can have a profound effect on handling.

A convoy of MINIs can dominate the road. If other road users are trying to pass the group, please let them do so.

Always slow down for riders on horses, bicycles, and pedestrians on unpaved roads. Give them plenty of room when overtaking.

Whenever the group stops, if at all feasible, make sure you try to pull completely off the road.

Always use your indicators in plenty of time to guide cars in the group, as well as other road user.

If you want the group to stop, flash your headlights. If the car behind flashes its headlights, flash yours until the leader pulls over.

When the group passes through a congested area, it should try to stop as soon as safely practicable to regroup before any turns are made.

Remember the law concerning the use of mobile phones.

Where possible have a navigator with you in the car

If you find yourself at the front of a pack and you do not have a navigator then pull over and allow a two-person car to lead if you are unfamiliar with the route.

Expect the unexpected! Who knows what is around the next corner, make sure you will be able to stop safely

Do not bumper hug the car in front of you – imagine the despair of you and your fellow runner if you do not brake on time. This act is the most common cause for accidents on car runs

Aim to arrive at the Meeting Point in plenty of time. It is always better to be too early than too late! If you arrive early you have more time to meet, chat and inspect your fellow MINI2ers and their MINIs!

Ensure that you have sufficient fuel to complete the route. Fill up close to the Meeting Point if possible. You risk inconveniencing others if you need to re-fuel en-route.

If you are leading a pack, always look out for the cars behind you, especially after a turning/junction/crossing.

If going on a run a long way from home, take a spare key, this could save you embarrassment, time and money!

Carry drinks and snacks with you. Some legs of the run may be lengthy or in remote areas.

If you are in the middle of a pack, make sure you wait for the car behind you after a turning/junction/crossing. Flash the car in front to indicate that you are slowing down to let the others to catch up.

If you see someone flashing you in your rear mirror, slow down, and flash the car in the front etc.

The lead MINI should establish a sensible pace for the group, but it is each individual drivers responsibility to keep the MINI behind him or her in sight, thus ensuring the group stays together.

If the car behind you slows down, please slow down with it. If each car does this, then it will ensure that the convoy stays together.

Do not overtake other members of the Run unless they request you to pass them

Overtake only when legal and safe to do so.

NEVER overtake on double white lines, on bends or at any place where the way ahead is not clear.

If a member of the group or public wants to overtake you, please let them. Don't close up the gap to the car in front of you and force the overtaking car into a dangerous manoeuvre.

If you have taken a stretch of road at a “fast” pace slow down afterwards and allow the car behind you to catch up again

If you are unhappy about the event then let the organisers know, they can learn valuable lessons too, but please do so in a positive way.

The car in the front should always look out for the car at the back this should keep the pack together!

Know both your and your car’s limits – and don’t try to exceed them

REDUCE YOUR SPEED if road conditions or the weather warrant it.

If you are unhappy with somebody else’s driving then inform one of the organisers

Don’t expect perfection, everyone makes mistakes


These events are social gatherings for people who love MINIs, they are meant to be a day of fun – not competition or challenge. If you really want to test the performance of your MINI you should attend a Track Day type event. Always remember you are at a group event, show respect and care for your fellow runners

Everything above is really just common sense so please bear it all in mind and remember – HAVE FUN

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Pre-run/event checklist for attendees

Hope this helps

* Print a copy of the run route/event location/information and bring it along with you
* Familiarise yourself with the starting point, lunch stop and end point
* Obtain contact numbers for the event organisers
* Charge up your digital camera
* Charge up your PMR446 walkie talkies if you have them
* Top up screenwash tank
* Be sure to have sufficient fuel at the start of the run to cover the entire route as there may not be opportunities to refuel during the run

If anyone can think of anything else, then please let me know via PM/E-mail, and I shall add them to the list

DK :apple:

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Additional items to be added to the pre-run checklist, as suggested by KPKalle

* Check tyre pressures
* Check all fluid levels especially oil and coolant
* For those with non-digital cameras, bring enough film and at least one roll as spare
* Movie cameras: charge battery and pack enough media
* Cash for those unexpected expenses (run fees, snacks etc)

Delete as appropriate

DK :apple:
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