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United-States Just say no... to 19" wheels and tires !!!

Originally Posted by stacemcs

I can't decide what wheel size to go for, I need help as I don't know if putting 19's onto the car will affect the handling ????
19's are just too darn big for the Mini. They also will make the car's ride super rough and somewhat unmanageable. You will most assuredly have frequent bent wheels... and will certainly curse the day you put 19's on the car.

IMHO even 18's are a bit much, but they are as large as one should go on a Mini. There is some decent rubber in the 18" realm to prevent too harsh a ride... and I think there are also runflats as the Works wheels are 18's... right?

I would, in fact, take advantage of the factory 18's and runflats (if there is indeed an 18" runflat????) if I "had to choose".

Best of luck and maximum enjoyment with whatever you decide...

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