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Originally Posted by Tigger, Eeyore & Roo View Post
Very impressed witht the Xenons on mine

Although I've driven many cars with DSC (it's on my work car now) I find its great when you're driving a car with a lot of power and no handling to speak of (that'll be the work car again! ). I like that car a lot, but the sloppy handling means that you have no idea when thinks are going horribly wrong and the DSC is really useful then!

I still feel a lot more secure in the MINI, without DSC, as the handling and stability is just so good (and I live where the roads are very twisty and usually extremely narrow!). DSC on a fine handling car can also be an irritation as you feel it cut in and out On a sloppy handling car you just can't feel when it's operating.

Totally agree on the DSC front John, I don't even have ASC+T on my Cooper, and even though I'm only putting down 135bhp I've never missed not having it. The car is extremely controllable.

However, there would just be that one occasion on a greasy road where you're carrying a bit too much momentum than you should be, where you really wished you'd ticked the box.

Get it, you can always turn it off when you want to have some fun
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