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Sorry, but the photo of the underside of the engine doesn't really help much in identifying where your coolant is leaking from. You also appear to have a 2008 MCS?

If you run the engine up to full temperature and then turn it off, looking underneath the bonnet and underneath the car you should be able to see where the coolant is leaking, but bear in mind that it might be high up on the engine rather than at the bottom. Also parts of the engine might be very HOT so be careful when feeling around under the bonnet, and beware of the radiator fan which can come on!

Try to inspect the radiator (the coolant would normally drip of the bottom of the radiator if it is leaking). Inspect all the water hoses....especially near to the hose clips. Inspect the header tank (they can split around the join) and also the header tank pressure cap for signs of it blowing out coolant. The thermostat housing is also another possibility for a leak. You should also check inside the car underneath and around the heater for leaks which may not be obvious because the coolant would be soaked up by the carpet etc.

If you discover nothing I guess you will have to book the car into a local independent workshop or Mini specialist for a coolant system pressure test.

Worst case scenario you might have a slight cylinderhead gasket leak, or else a radiator or thermostat housing leak.....these are probably the most costly problems to fix..

Apart from the cylinderhead gasket, most of the other jobs are possible DIY's but a certain amount of disassembly might be necessary. It's worth getting the Haynes Manual if you are going DIY.

Good luck, lets hope its just a hose or the header tank pressure cap.

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