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Originally Posted by steveharman View Post

I've done some searching on the forum but couldn't find anyone with exactly the same symptoms, so would really appreciate opinions on this please. Car is a Cooper S, 2004 (R53).

Drove to work, all great, came back to the car, started fine but there was no power steering & the battery warning light was on. I didn't have any option but to try & drive home so off I went building up my muscles with every bend.

As the journey went on, warning light after warning light gradually came on. First it was the ABS, then airbag, then another, then eventually the radio went off. Luckily I made it home but by that point I'm pretty sure all the warning lights in the speedo were flickering occasionally.

What do people think this sounds like? Could it be the alternator at the heart of the problem - not giving enough voltage via the battery? I've only had the car for a year so not sure if it's had a replacement alternator from new.

Thanks in advance,

need to do the basics before anything else,, you will need a volt meter first off measure battery voltage ie looking for 12.8volts when engine is switch off... after that start car measure the voltage again now with car running you are looking for 14.2volts to 14.7 volts is perfect. if voltage jumps around from no volts to some volts then need to check all wiring from battery is tight and damaged cables etc if all is good then alternator issues.. also check the earth return cable drivers side on engine mount, if all these are working correctly then fuse box check for water ingress and corrosion in the multi plugs and also engine harness,

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