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The aim is my own black car will be sold as standard 170hp, with the spec above, 51,000 miles, 6250 as the one in you link is priced, but lower miles, and has been stripped and reassembled recently. To a degree it will have to be done again, but that's no big issue. It will come with a new clutch centre plate. The clutch cover and bearing are recent, I use a different friction plate which I'll keep, and fit the new standard one I didn't put in before. I have the standard cylinder head and camshaft all boxed, removed from the car at around 45k. I have a choice of two specialist performance cylinder heads I tested, one is still on.

The original flywheel will be reinstated, the original brakes, with new pads if required, but I have a brake upgrade for the R56S front brakes which was all new recently but I took it off for another upgrade and the other is put away so an example of something you might want.

Currently it is one of those cars that 'will' blow the socks off a JCW haha, it's a lovely car, very smart, but in January I bought a race Mini which is not complete, so I will complete it. It seems pointless focussing on both, so Mrs has pointed out........ well, it is a point.

So, my thoughts are, as sooo many people want things doing to these, that if someone that see's it now, might think, well....I was going to get this, and I was going to have that done, etc. All those things cost a fortune at various places but I do all my work bar mapping. So, if something exists on my car that would be a future purchase for you, you may say you want it left on, in which case you'll save on all associated labour costs. If you don't, it really doesn't matter. I'll take the car to pieces for fun....kind of ;O)

You see? It doesn't matter to me, doing some work on it. I'm in between day jobs so I can play with it all week, the point is choice. Right now it's ~275hp it has all sorts fitted, and the lovely leather seats pictured are in the loft. There isn't so much as a hole drilled anywhere because the seats I fitted use the original mount holes. I changed the seat mounts rather than change my nice car!

It was just a thought, the chances are you only want a standard car but most end up doing something. I think the car makes people do it haha.

Even the standard exhaust I had on it, was one kept in a warehouse for ten years after a Mini had a JCW conversion and the owner hung onto it, so I bought it a couple of years ago, used it for most of a year after painting it, and it now resides in my greenhouse. Unfortunately it hasn't sprouted another, but is there to be refitted. As are the brakes, roll bars, and rear trailing arms, as I have the ones from the later car for a couple of reasons. So it's just some work to put back, which I think I'd rather not do only to find I meet someone that want's to do what I did haha, so I hope my logic makes sense.

I couldn't expect to sell the car as it is, to anybody, as currently, aside from a couple of labour costs, it is pushing 40k in overall costs, which may give you an idea of the commitment that went into it, nearly all in parts, all specialist stuff, not things you can pick up at the talked about Mini shops. GP intercooler, GP2 size brakes, 1 off custom exhaust manifold, Custom gearbox! Quaife LSD but original boxed, JCW exhaust new, JCW airbox kit new, Coolerworx gear lever new, Allstage cylinder head, Lohen BV cylinder head, Supertech valve springs and titanium caps, Kent and Catcams camshafts, ZRP connecting rods, ARP bolts top and bottom, GTT aluminium flywheel, Helix clutch plate mentioned, Sparco seats and belts, Innovate AFR meter, Vibratechnics engine and gearbox mountings, different tyres etc. Most being tested for the other car.

It will all go on my other car or be used for spares, so all costs to remove things are down to me, you just get to see it before, make choices, and collect it how you want it, one of the better cars overall.

The other car.......

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