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Originally Posted by Stiggers18 View Post
Hi I've my Mini since September 2nd. I've got from what I read the terrible 2D52, 2DCD, 2880 codes off diagnosis com.
Can anyone tell me if it's fixable, any idea (just an estimate, ball park) how much? it's got a warranty and hopefully it will cover at least most of it.
I fell in love with my Mini, she is a stunner and I would love to spend many more miles together.
Thanks for anything you can tell me..
From a heartbreaking Clubman Man...
2D52 Super knocking. could be a number of things most likely timing chain before doing anything else this needs checking seen so many people jump the gun and fit high pressure pumps to find later they have car running retarded causing it to pink and knock and blame fuelling before the real issue ir stretched timing chain causing engine out of time and over lap on valves dumps un burnt air fuel mix on upstream 02 sensor this also cause ignition inside the cat and 02 sensor part ,, this said its possible both are at fault.. but more likely timing chain if car done around 60k never run low on oil and has been driven hard 60k is it, if car run low on oil and booted around from the off then seen them with as low as 30k needing chain doing,, get chain checked first job or if my car and was around these mileages just get it changed as its only waiting to go south,

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