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Originally Posted by knt View Post
Good cars you have listed there, all engine blocks are forged as standard.

Besides, you could probably fix anything given time and money .

Some of use have to rely on garages .
yep i do bud cant help myself i drive my wife mental with latest little projects only thing i'm banned from is big bikes as not wired up right to own one anymore. its different these days as everything someone needs to learn about repairing anything is all on internet or forums, working on cars all my life as allowed to drive most things and own a lot of broken cars to be honest, think its a illness chain of events buy a broken car fix it use if or a few months get bored or another broken car gets offer me at silly cheap money and off i go again,, guess its the recyclable way of living,
i would say to anyone want to invest money better than any bank its going to be cars like evo's and supra skyline r34 sierra cosworth even the Mercedes 190 cozy will only increase,, think the Mercedes 500s will get more and more money,, just buy them when in a recession and sell when everyone wants one, its a shame cant go to Arab states and collect all them nice cars that gave been dumped by ex pats who lost their arses over there, thousands of top end cars no one owns but the dodgy government grab them up is storage yards.
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