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Originally Posted by Actrapid View Post
Thanks wait until I get my Carly adapter & app set up & running, then check the codes that I get from that. From what I read, Carly can do a forced DPF regeneration but the DPF specialist that looked at my car last week told me the DPF isnt blocked & is managing to regenerate. The more I look in to how to fix this stuff, the more perplexed I'm getting!
but they also told you the glow plugs are faulty and as i have already mentioned the system prevent regen's when there is any fault codes stored in the ecu, and i like they said glow plugs faulty that will do it, have a few people on here buy the carly app then go buy a proper system like the ones i mentioned before, maybe they have updated since, its the live data that helps find problems can tell a lot from what sensors are doing what etc as only fault codes show a fault or sensor picking up another fault, blocked egr valve can cause all kinds of sensors to read one way but the fault is somewhere else. ie egr valve and turbo codes on diesels are linked, also a map sensor might say implausible to find low oil pressure to turbo causing low boost etc, code reader is a ball park tool, where a diagnostics plat form where can read all sensors and control surfaces is the only way to track most fault down

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