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Originally Posted by LeeCooperS View Post
Hi all, via torque pro my 2008 1.6D is hitting over 21psi peak!
Anyone know what a stock car should be boosting too?
Im getting code p0238, this indicates map sensor, map sensor readings are approx 35psi, so can a faulty map sensor be causing it to boost this high?
My maf readings are 119g/s, this equates to approx 147hp .
psa 1.6 hdi engine, the turbo is vnt type so has a grub screen on the turbo body that is set when turbo was made if this works its way loose then that will be the issue, worth check first, the vnt vac pressure for the actuator is set 15psi with a vac pump so it rests on the stop at 15psi, thats the turbo end of it,
i would remove the map sensor and clean it with switch cleaner and small modellers paint brush might just be carbon build up stopping it from resetting back to zero as such, if heavy carbon on it would be thinking dpf filter is needing doing at some pint soon,, volvo and ford use same engines and they say 75.000 miles need to replace the dpf filter and 40k for additive tank, you will need a proper diagnostics tool autocom cdp plus is best for value and will do everything,, to be honest you will struggle to find whats really wrong with yours now if its not the map sensors or turbo as need to deep scan it, ie dealer only code s and live data runs,

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