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Originally Posted by LeeCooperS View Post
Thankyou for your detailed reply! Its on 122k now, grub screw stop not moved, map sensor cleaned, ordered new one now!
122k it will be needing a dpf filter for a start link below,
also a turbo would be a good move link below , i]ve used the below kit before was ok,

i suspect the turbo is leaking oil into the inlet side of turbo charger just enough at moment to make engine run on its oil oil as such, very very common when dpf filter is blocked and heat and back pressure destroy the seals in it, does it smoke really bad at same time if then deffo turbo,, if not so bad then still would check for oil leaking from turbo,
if not the above throttle might be faulty need to scan it with something like autocom on live data see whats doing what

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