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R56 Cooper 2007 Camshafts not rotating when cranked

Hi all,

I picked up a 2007 1.6 Petrol manual Mini Cooper cheap as a none-runner. It has 110,000 miles on it.

The story with it is that it was recently acquired, they bought a set of tyres, had a new clutch fitted and on the advice of a family acquaintance who is a mechanic had a new timing chain fitted (by him).

After a short amount of time (a matter of days), the car refused to start. They had spent enough money on it and wanted shut.

When I went to look at it (outside the garage who had fitted the chain and had recovered the car) the car cranked on ignition but that was it. One thing I noticed was that a cam sensor was not connected.

Anyway I bought the car as a bit of a project (wife's future runaround) and now it's on my driveway.

There were fault codes indicating a cam sensor issue but that proved to be a red-herring as it was quite apparent when looking down the oil filler with someone else cranking the engine that the camshafts weren't rotating. I can't believe whoever fitted the timing chain didn't check this and went for the cam sensor - but hey ho. Maybe they didn't want to admit to a cock-up to a 'friend'.

I can't get the wheels off at the moment as the security adapter for the locking nuts is buggered (I'm guessing timing-chain person over-egged it) and am waiting for a bolt remover to arrive. So I haven't got easy access to the crankshaft pulley.

What I have done though is try to rotate the engine via the camshaft pulley. Both cams turn, none of the cam followers appear to be damaged (to these un-trained eyes) and the chain is intact and appears in good condition all the way along it's length.

However it's quite apparent looking down the spark plug holes that the pistons are not moving.

From a bit of research, I see that the crankshaft pulley bolt must be replaced and torqued correctly for the timing sprocket to be clamped adequately.

From what I can see the crankshaft bolt doesn't look new so I'm guessing at the moment that the sprocket is slipping- hence the camshafts weren't being turned when the engine was being cranked on the starter and in turn rotating the camshafts whilst moving the chain around isn't turning the crank.

Has anybody encountered this - I can't believe that at the minimum some valves haven't been bent?

At the moment my minimum outlay will be for a timing-chain tool kit and crank bolt. I'll pull the head off (so I'll need a gasket set) but what's the chances of no damage ?
Any other jobs that I should do whilst the head is off ?

I'm not a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination but have had the heads off a few cars. None with timing-chains it has to be admitted - but they all started up after I finished

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