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Originally Posted by Angst View Post
That's right. Wheel bolts ! :-)

I tried the smacking the socket trick, it has worked for me before.

The security bolt has a slight shoulder on the head so it' slightly smaller than the diameter of the rest of it.

When I smacked a socket over it, it seemed to get mangled on the smaller part then just spun around the larger part (not explained that very well). Needless to say it didn't work.

The bolt removal set just arrived - this is the sort that is reverse-threaded and is supposed to cut it's way onto the bolt head as it tightens then out comes the bolt

Didn't even scratch it so that's going back and I've ordered a toughened smack-on type remover.

Getting no-where fast with this one. When I finally get unfettered access to the crank pulley, I'll report back!!
you will need to chisel the round roller collar off the locking bolt, some have them some dont, if dont then i use a big hammer some times on a breaker bar get someone to hit end of breaker bar while someone turns it,, failing that angle grinder or dremel and make the edge of bolt with grooves so the tool digs in,,
or you could give reg number to bmw mini main dealers and they will older the locking tool for you, if genuine ones
or a master set below

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