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I had my car put on the dyno for a few power runs today at Lohen. What I thought a few people might find interesting is im running a JB+ module and I was really happy with the results. There seems to be a lot of people in America using these, but not over here. There also seems to be not a lot of information on the net about them and quite a few people who are sceptical about whether or not they work or not.

I found when I installed mine I could straight away tell the difference mostly after 4000 rpm. I also noticed my Cooper S always held traction when floored in the dry in 1st gear, since installing shed always spin her wheels. After getting used to the car again I wanted to know it was definitely working and I wasn’t just imagining the power hike which JB claim of 15-20 BHP.

Anyway the Dyno results today were 218.9 BHP and 308.1 nm of Torque. My mods are, ITG panel filter, JB+ module and a cobra sport cat back non res. My cars always run on V Power too. I’m really happy with the results and just thought my results with give people an insight into the JB+ module as opposed to a stage 1 map. Even Lohen had never Dynod a mini with a JB before. The chap there did say that my car may be getting a bit hot as the power fades off at 5500rpm a bit harsher than ideal (due to running hot) but they think a larger intercooler would help that could possibly add a further 5-8 bhp.....

The Vid

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