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New to me 2009 Cooper D questions

HI, changed my old mini one 05 for a Cooper D late 09 and have 2 questions I cannot figure out so hope someone can enlighten me before I phone the car sales place and look a right idiot.

How do i get the windscreen wipers to wipe intermitant?? if I flick lever once its normal speed and twice full speed and down is off but if I stop at lights etc they wipe intermitant....

2nd question is the engine stopping at standstill, I didn't have that with my old mini. Sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn't. I know there are certain conditions when it wont like if the engine is not hot enough or just after reversing but times when I expect it to cut out it doesn't. I have a 3 month warranty so do I need to get this checked? Funnily enough I actually don't like it doing it and was wondering how to switch the feature off but am concerned it may be part of a bigger problem. Thanks guys

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