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Originally Posted by Ruthjames64 View Post
Hi I am new forum member, I purchased my mini 18 months ago. It had a years warranty remaining and TLC package. It was registered in July 2015 and is less than 4 years old. The central control display has packed up and it requires a new head unit at a cost of £1123.20. I am totally disgusted, the car has only done 17000 miles. This is a major repair and one that I feel should be paid for by BMW. I am currently trying to get them to pay for this. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
if car is out of warranty it will be a battle, there are a loads of people out there that bought bmw and vag all kinds of EU makers or cars where these cars have known weaknesses like bmw timing chains on n47 diesels when they sold these cars new their dealers told customers that engine are very good and have timing chain not belt so never need to touch it,, which is very clearly not the case going by the endless hits on line about it, bmw stances is if car is out of warranty the normally wont help with it unless can prove they serviced it and that mileage is within a low level they might do,
yours is very low miles so on that basis worth a punt, worth threatening going to trading standards as not fit for purpose,, ie car maker admit their cars are in realms of 80-100k is fair use without failures 17k is well short of it,,, also the public internet is a powerful beast, advise them if they feel they will not do the right thing then you will tell the world about their not fit for purpose car and their dam right stealing ways if they refuse to be helpful on this matter, one thing they dont want at moment is stories of dead cars with 17k on them as they are all trying to sell cars to limited amount of people due to emission and brexit stuff,

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