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Originally Posted by Johnanddonnamini View Post
Could it be that when the maf is unplugged it bypasses the egr valve Iím wondering if egr valve is sticking open as when I checked codes egr valve was there. Thanks for your reply mike just wanting to try other things before spending £3/400 on a dealer maf
use the links above under £100 and genuine ones i included in the post, ten minute job to change over.
more than likely its a dpf filter/egr/soot build up in vnt of turbo is very common, need software to read it and see what is doing what, ie read the upstream and down stream pressure sensors for the dpf filter and maybe force regen or replace the filter, or send away to professional cleaners, a car with more than 75000 miles will be in the realms of this, best option is to diagnose it rather than hope, ie throw the cheapest part and hope that cures it.. and only way is diagnostics platform,, i recommend autocom cdp plus if doing it your self link below it will do all that and more dealer will lift £100-£300 for a scan and regen etc,

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