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Originally Posted by Stormbringer55 View Post
I've been getting a strong smell of Diesel out side the car .
When I took the engine cover and acoustic pad of there is a large build up of black carbon /gunk around number one injector .
Could it be the seal at the base of the injector?
It doesn't seem to be leaking at the moment and performance is OK .

thats a engine killer, cooper seals on injector leaking in to oil this loads the oil with rock hard parts of carbon that will block up oil filter and oil strainer on oil pump suck up in the sump, your first off job use carb cleaner spray and clean the crud wash it down wards tin to the sump then remove the sump do the same trick, fit new filter new oil add seafoam to the oil take car for 100 miles run drop oil again fit another new filter and more oil.. can buy from europarts 20 litre drum of engine oil 46 cheapest way, lucky you found it sooner enough most people get the blown up turbo and engine after a diesel runaway when it eats its own oil and wont stop just revs at 7k until goes bang and run out of oil to eat. need to get it all clean inside,
link for spray carb cleaner i would say need 4 cans and a stiff small brush
seafoam twin pack the spray good for cleaning as well.

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