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Originally Posted by G-A-R-Y View Post
From your pictures it's clear that you have leaking injector seals (chuffing injectors). The horrible diesel fume smell is evident of exhaust gases leaking past a small copper washer, this seals the injector into the combustion chamber. It does NOT affect engine oil or come in contact with engine oil.

From your pictures it looks like it been leaking a long time. It will be difficult to remove the injector and clean, you should be able to do just the one leaking seal. The head/seating will need to be reseated and all that crud removed. Don't buy seals from Ebay.
It does NOT affect engine oil or come in contact with engine oil. hmmm really does it not, so when there is not enough compression in that cylinder to atomise the fuel and make it burn off where do you think the unburnt diesel ends up, yep past the piston ring and ends on in the oil and crankcase,, also unburnt fuel gets in to exhaust effects the particulate filter causing the engine to try and regen its self this adds more fuel and retards the ignition causing back pressure from the dpf filter and causing carbon soot to blow past breather and piston rings etc, and loads the oil with even more crud,, as car has been driven for a fair while to get that amount of oil turning to grease residue on top its well in all the realms IE what i said before needs to be done to clean it out correctly,
how do I know this because i have seen this on all diesels that go that way mainly due to dpf filters adding to it,

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