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Originally Posted by Stormbringer55 View Post
Thanks ,will get it sorted .
i've added a comment to clarify what happens and a non half arsed way to sort it out and possible bad outcome if dont do it correctly, you should also check the air filter might be totally black is so fit new one,, then worth sticking can of cataclean dpf cleaner in the fuel tank and in ideal world have the dpf forced regen with software autocom will do that cost 40 on ebay
as for only repairing the single seal thats up to you, if were my car i would do the lot do once and forget about rather than repair one of and sit there worrying about when another one fails and they do fail,, heat causes it when the engine goes through high pressure and high regens on the dpf filter as it driving along,, high tensile steel bolts and alloy soft head the move differently in heat. i buy ebay seals from company's that sell injectors all the time and they are fine and cheaper than main agents that said not that expensive anyways

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