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How to reset service indicators

The information below is based on the account of a MINI2 member. Although MINI2 and the author of this thread believe this information is accurate, using it as a DIY guide is done at your own risk. MINI2 and the author are not responsible for any damage, personal injury, or warranty issues that may arise from the use of this information. Some information below may be specific to model specifications that are unique to certain countries, and may not apply to your model of MINI One, Cooper, or Cooper S.

Do not undertake any DIY project that you are not qualified to perform. If you have questions about this project, you should consult with experienced professionals and/or your MINI dealer before undertaking it. Always follow standard safety guidelines for car repair in performing DIY projects.

This DIY addresses resets of the Brake Indicators after changing pads and fitting a new sensor, but the procedure is the same for all Service Indicator resets.

Please DO NOT reset any of your Service Indicators if you have TLC cover for this work.

The instructions reference the following numbered image:
(1) Left Hand (Instrument Lighting Adjustment) Button
(2) Right Hand (Trip Odometer Reset) Button
(3) On-Board Computer Button
(4) Upper Display
(5) Lower Display
Entering Service Menu:

Insert Key

Do not press clutch / brake

Press Start Button

Wait until Car / relevant Service symbol disappears from Rev Counter Upper Display (4)

Press and hold both Rev Counter Buttons (1 & 2) immediately after symbol goes out

Continue to hold both Buttons until Time appears in Rev Counter Upper Display (4)
Before this occurs:
  • An Instrument Light Check will be performed
  • "VIN / Menu" will appear in Rev Counter Lower Display (5)
Release Right Hand Rev Counter Button (2)

Wait about a second

Press and hold Right Hand Rev Counter Button (2) again while still holding Left Hand Button (1)

After a second or two the Front Brakes symbol will show in the Rev Counter Upper Display (4)

You are now in the Service Menu

Resetting Service Indicator:

Press and release OBC Button (3) until relevant symbol (eg. Rear Brakes) appears in Rev Counter Upper Display (4)

Press and hold OBC Button (3) at relevant symbol until "RESET" appears in Rev Counter Lower Display (5)

Press and hold OBC Button (3) again until process is complete

Turn Off and On the Ignition again - Warning should now have gone!

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