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All Models & Variants MINI Discussion that spans the generations, including a forum dedicated to your MINI photos and photoshoots

Welcome New Members

New members, please introduce yourself here. Tell us a bit about you and your Mini.
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Mini Events

Know of any upcoming events or trying to organize a local meet? Post and let us know about it.
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General Discussion

Use this forum to discuss MINI topics which are not related to other forums. Posts may be moved from here to alternative forums by the moderators without notice
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News announcements related to the Mini are posted here
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MINI in the Media

Discuss the MINI in print, magazines, paper articles, in games or on the net, on TV and film here
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Dealership Feedback

Discuss your experiences with MINI dealers worldwide
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Finance & Insurance

Use this forum to discuss financing and insuring your MINI
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MINI in Motorsport

For everything to do with MINI in motorsport
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Delivery, Shipping & Order Tracking

Use this area to discuss your MINI's delivery
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Photos, Photoshops, Videos & Showcases

Show off your MINI, or other MINIs you've taken photos and videos of in this forum, with no image posting restrictions
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MINIs, Children & Parents

MINI as part of your family - For buggy, car seat and other child & baby related topics
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Models Collectables & Collectibles

Discuss scale models and MINI related collectible things here
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MINI Technical Forums For discussion specific aspects of MINI ownership and maintenance, such as audio and suspension setups

Maintenance & MINI Care

Questions and advice on keeping your MINI in top shape, from engine oil to body wax
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Wheels, Tyres & Brakes

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MINI Interior & ICE

Seats, audio, aircon... discuss anything inside your MINI here
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MINI Exterior

From bonnet stripes to body kits for your MINI, it's all in here
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MINI Engine & Drivetrain Tuning

Tuning kits, intakes, exhausts, chip tuning and more.
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MINI Suspension

From stock suspension to aftermarket components like shocks, springs, coilovers and sway bars
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MINI Faults & Fixes

Finding and fixing common and unusual MINI problems
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Model Specific MINI Forums For model specific topics of conversation, for example MINI Cooper Diesel engines or automatic MINI transmissions


First Generation 2001 - 2006 and Second Generation 2006 - Present
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MINI Cooper

First Generation 2001 - 2006 and Second Generation 2006 - Present
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MINI Cooper S

First Generation 2002 - 2006 and Second Generation 2006 - Present
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MINI John Cooper Works, GP and World Championship

First Generation 2003 - 2006 and Second Generation 2008 - Present
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MINI One Diesel

First Generation 2003 - 2006 and Second Generation 2009 - Present
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MINI Cooper Diesel

MINI Cooper Diesel 2007 - Present
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MINI Cooper S Diesel

MINI Cooper S Diesel 2011 - Present
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MINI Convertible

First Generation 2004 - 2008 and Second Generation 2009 - Present
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MINI Clubman

MINI Clubman 2007 - Present
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MINI Countryman

MINI Countryman 2010 - Present
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MINI E - 2009 - Present
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MINI Automatic and CVT

First Generation 2001 - 2006 and Second Generation 2006 - Present
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MINI Coupe and MINI Roadster

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Mini EV

2019+ Mini EV (TBA- )
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Future Variants

For discussing planned and possible MINI variants
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Mini Of The Month Enter your car for a chance to win. Prizes include site sticker, MOTM Winne, profile tag, and your Mini featured on the home page.

MOTM Submissions & Voting

Submit your Mini for Voting. Vote for the MOTM winner.
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Mini Of The Month Winner

Monthly Winner.
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MINI2 Classifieds

Free For Sale and Wanted Adverts for all members
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Community Help Section Offer feedback on the MINI2 webite. Plus the Limo Lounge for Privilege Members

Site Feedback and Limo Lounge

Offer feedback on MINI2 - Limo Lounge for Privilege Members
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Use this area to test out the new features of vBulletin. Try setting up a poll, post a picture, or try out vbCodes.
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Off Topic Section If it doesn't belong in the main MINI2 forums, it probably belongs down here. May contain certain material unsuitable for younger readers


If it's not covered elsewhere, then here's the place for it
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Autos & Mini Classic

A forum for other cars, bikes, ride on mowers and the Classic Mini, 1959 to 2000
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Fun & Games

Jokes, funny links, games. If you find it amusing, post it here May contain certain material unsuitable for younger readers
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Sports, Fitness & Health

For discussing sports. As you might have guessed
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TV, Films, Festivals & Music

That's entertainment.....
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Techy Stuff, Computers & Gaming

Discuss VHS versus Betamax, and other leading edge computer type things in here
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Draft F.A.Q. & D.I.Y. Information

Drafts for our collection of Frequently Asked Questions, and MINI D.I.Y. advice
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Community Discussion Talk to MINI enthusiasts from your region, arrange meetings and local MINI issues

MINI Charity Ball

This forum is for all MINI Charity Ball discussions
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Global Community

Community forums broken down by country or region for regionalised discussion
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UK & Ireland

For UK social and region specific discussion
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