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  • aponteje ·
    Wife bought new clubman and there is a greasy residue that leaked on the bumper and the side fenders. I am told that this common as it is the grease that is placed on the vehicles when being shipped on the ships. Does anyone know how to clean it up?
    trig ·
    Hi, I am Glenn from England. Just bought my wife a 2007 Cooper Automatic Convertible but I might snatch it back as I like too much!!
    miniman1234 ·
    Hi, I'm from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. I used to own an r53 back in 2005 in Grey (270 bhp). I'm currently on the hunt for a similar spec r53 (preferably grey).
    dstaff ·
    Hi I'm Dean, I live in Ottawa Ontario, Canada, and I'm a Mini Owner.
    I bought my first one today. It's a 2006 Mini Cooper, white, with 121,000Km on it
    I'm looking forward to learning about my new little ride...
    kne ·

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    Storminnorm1 ·
    Hi I'm Norman from Cork in Ireland, I don't currently own a Mini but am thinking of getting one so I joined to find out all about them.

    Thanks for letting me in !
    bekkiboo ·
    Hi I'm Bekki from the UK, but living in the USA now. Hubby just got me a 2013 Roadster S Convertible. Love the car, such fun to drive.
    Binsysmith ·
    Hi. I'm Scott from York in the U.K. Drive a 2011 Mini Cooper S. Loving the car and I've joined for advice on anything that might crop up. Cheers.
    CooperJones ·
    I have a 2015 Midnight Black convertible that I got in June to replace my beloved Arthur Dent, a 2006 Red convertible that I totaled in March.
    Mrgoldtop1960 ·
    Recently bought a Mini Cooper S for my wife as her MX5 was getting a little tired....!
    Loving the R52 experience so far!
    Pegsy ·
    Hi all. I'm a Proud owner of a Mini Cooper S. Best car in the world. Bar none!!! Great to be here with like minded people. Cheers!
    Qcustoms ·
    Hi please can you cancel my subscription and refund it, Iv been trying to cancel it with no luck
    Greatly appreciated
    TwinTiger ·
    Blessen's to all, thanks for welcoming me with open forums and discussions and knowing where I can find all I need to know about my second wives issues...Mini Cooper S convertible Supercharged 2005 model.
    magnum ·
    Hi thanks for letting me join . I own an 05 mini S Convertible, and look forward to sharing experiences and pictures...thanks
    marty3112 ·
    I have recently bought a 2007 mini cooper and neither power outlet in the boot/trunk or centre consul work (Non smoker pack fitted). I've tried with 2 different plug-in adapters. Any suggestions? Fuse? Tried with both car running and switched off.
    Thanks in advance.
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