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  • Ajhanlon ·
    Hi Beken,

    I am hoping you can help me with some information about model configuration as sold in Canada.

    I see you are one of few Maritimers on the forum. I am looking at a 2007 Mini Cooper and was hoping a fellow Canadian could clear up some confusion.

    From my reading the distinction between the Cooper and the Cooper S for 2007 models is as follows:

    The Cooper S has a supercharger, battery in the rear and is equipped with run flats and has no spare tire
    The Cooper has 118hp/1.6L, battery under the hood (close to the firewall), has a spare (either inside or underneath the car) and is equipped with conventional tires.

    For the car I am looking at, the seller says there is no spare, but the battery is in the front--is this possible or have they just not found the spare tire?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.

    beken · ·
    this was so long ago. The 2007 was turbo charged. The cars you are describing would be 2006 or older models. In Canada, all MINIs came with runflat tires. The spare tire on the cooper was an option but not standard equipment.
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