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  1. MINI Paraphrenalia

    Models Collectables & Collectibles
    There have been some recent updates to the album.
  2. Models of Mini Cabrio????

    Models Collectables & Collectibles
    This is what the Kyoshi one looks like.
  3. Looking for Mini drivers for meetups

    We also had a Krispy Kreme Doughnut run on March 30, 2019
  4. Looking for Mini drivers for meetups

    You guys missed the Fish n chip run.
  5. Looking for Bike Rack

    MINI Clubman
    The one I have uses tie straps to keep in place. It is a generic one. You need to be fairly careful how you put it on so as not to scratch the paint or have the weight of the bikes bend your sheet metal. But I have had good success with this type of bike carrier for decades. However, the...
  6. R53 or r56 supercharger or turbo

    General Discussion
    That's because the Supercharged cars are older cars. They should be fully depreciated by now. With high mileage, be careful that you will probably have to spend some money on routine maintenance. I'm looking at things like suspension bushings, super charger rebuild, engine gaskets, engine...
  7. Looking for Mini drivers for meetups

    First MINI gathering of the year. Our annual Fish n Chip run. I have had a request for a MINI get together so.... Long term forecast says it's going to be a dry day on Saturday, March 9, 2019 in the Vancouver BC area. All MINI drivers welcome. Let's say we meet at Oakridge Mall, south east...
  8. 2006 Competition Edition Registry

    CE #19 is no more. CE #19 was a troublesome car that never did get over its intermittent electronic problems. Driving to and from work or just motoring around, the car would go into limp mode or just shut down while running. The dealership traced the problem down to the limited edition...
  9. PHEV Countryman finally here

    Photos, Photoshops, Videos & Showcases
    Very nice. Initial driving impressions?
  10. Opinon on Iridium Spark Plugs

    Third Generation MINI Tuning
    I've used both. Haven't really noticed that much of a difference. My engine seems to be marginally smoother with the platinum plugs. The NGK Iridium plugs seem more readily available at a decent price. The platinum ones are more expensive. Iridium supposedly lasts longer than platinum.
  11. Looking for Mini drivers for meetups

    Hope your Christmas was great.
  12. Looking for Mini drivers for meetups

    I have a scale model of your car, I think.
  13. Looking for Mini drivers for meetups

    LXM (League of Extraordinary MINIacs) Vancouver & Vancouver MINI Cooper Club have a meet up at Lansdowne Mall in Richmond BC on Wednesday evening Aug 29 2018 for an invasion of the Drive In movie. Look them up on Facebook to RSVP.
  14. What else do you drive?

    General Discussion
    The family car and the 33 year old 2 seater. My MINI is my daily driver/commuter car.
  15. MINI Paraphrenalia

    Models Collectables & Collectibles
    Here's a link to a Flickr album of MINI stuff I've collected over the years. Share yours?