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  1. Brake warning light after front pad replacement

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Try going through the service menu How to reset OBC - totalMINI Forums
  2. Debut New Product- 'GTT Stealth Sports Cat' (R56 MCS)

    GT Tuning
    Ive finally got around to doing this mod and while i was there i fitted a Milltek cat back system as well :D The difference is immediately noticeable! It sounds a bit deeper in the car and a nice tone on the road plus it pops and growls on over run :cool: The car is a lot more responsive...
  3. Front & rear channel freq response, rear channel bass cut

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    I did the swap a while ago and its well worth doing. For all the guys who dont fancy pulling the pins etc apart then Mickey has made up a simple plug and play loom which does the job, visit
  4. Clubman S - Underrated!

    MINI Clubman
    Ive got a Clubbie S and I love it :D Its a fantastic car that is quite practical, looks cool and goes really well :nice:
  5. Considering a Clubman...

    MINI Clubman
    Have gone from a 2001 Cooper to a 2007 Clubman S and im very pleased with the upgrade :D The clubbie is less jittery over rough surfaces and feels a little more planted than a hatch. I have changed to Toyo non runflat tyres and lowered it with Eibach 30mm springs and it now feels superb. A nice...
  6. Quick/cheap/effective improvements to Wave stereo?

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    You can do the rear speaker channel swap which is an improvement in sound and bass. Its not as good as a decent stereo however is a whole lot better than standard. Have a look in the 2nd gen interior and ice forum for the instructions. Ive done it and can recommend it as a cheap mod :D
  7. Gearbox..

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    Dave at THINKMINI has got a 6 speed gearbox with LSD for sale and last post on TM said £1200 fitted into cooper/one.
  8. Just ordered a Clubman!

    MINI Clubman
    Good choice, you'll love the Clubbie. Come and join the rest of us at • Index page
  9. Nice dealer for a change.

    Dealership Feedback
    £320 for an oil change :aargh: i reckon they should change their name to Dick Turpins MINI, that is a complete rip off!
  10. Cruise control

    Second Generation Interior & Ice
    I have recently retrofitted the MFSW and its well worth it :D Have you got a 3 spoke steering wheel? If yes then you dont need a new wheel just the button pack to go onto the spokes which costs £80 ish. If you have a 2 spoke wheel you will need a new wheel and new airbag as the these are...
  11. Faulty Windows

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Had this problem on my Clubbie and seems to be very common, a simple software upgrade at dealers has sorted it.
  12. Problum with rear brake

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Could well be a sticking caliper, very common problem.
  13. White or black alloys, personal opinion???

    Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
    White 17" S Spokes will look the best if keeping white roof/mirrors. If you decide on black rims then you must change roof/mirrors to match.
  14. Genuine Mini seats

    First Generation Interior & Ice
    MINI MATT in Telford, he is a MINI breakers and has all sorts of parts.
  15. Going to look at a Cooper S on Saturday ...

    General Discussion
    A friend of mine bought a 55 reg checkmate with 22k miles only a few weeks ago and paid £9995 so haggle a bit.