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  • cjm ·
    Hi NobberUK
    Sorry I've just noticed this pm + abs not bothered...
    Noisy fan means stage 2 - the car is trying to cool down asap
    It shouldn't come on when stationary, really, unless perhaps you're stuck idling for a while in traffic on a hot day. Originally in early N18s there was a sensor/therm mismatch due to quality control issues, I gather.
    My latest MINI was fixed in the factory.
    Yes the aircon will push the noisy fan on at rest esp in hot weather + for a few secs after switch-off...My phone no: 01798 872939
    NobberUK ·
    Hi There,

    Sorry to bother you but I've been reading your posts here on MINI2 and other forums about your N18 Fan issues and wondered if I could ask you about them?

    We've just purchased out first N18 engined Mini, a coupe this time and have noticed the fan comes on A LOT and also is very noisy when it does so. Up until today we did have the running on issue too but Cooper MINI Reading changed the Thermostat for me today and I hoped that would solve the problem.

    I'm just curios now that yours is all sorted and fixed if (whilst using the aircon) how often you fan comes on when your car is stationary and how noisy it is?

    If it's possible maybe we could have some sort of phone conversation to make the conversation easier?!

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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