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  • nhatroso ·
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    minisv503 ·
    Hello Cristo, For what i have read, I noticed you know a lot about mini cooper Fans, and I need your advice. I just bought a fan assembly replacement for my 2002 mini, But I didnt know about there was two types (one or two plugs). I bought one plug ones but my car use the one with two plug. I cannot return the part, should I get another with the two plug or there is a way to make the one plug version to work in my car.
    cristo ·
    I bought them several years ago from Crutchfield. They sold some plastic spacers with them, but I didn't need to use them.
    If I remember right, I used one or two layers of dynamat as a spacer for the low frequency speaker,
    but I don't think they actually needed a spacer to clear the window. I also put some dynamat on
    several surfaces of the door and the door card.
    I bolted the crossover to the door metal and set them for flat response.
    The tweeters required bending the metal strip holding it a bit to get it to fit properly, and I cut out the centers
    of the original tweeter covers that snap onto the door.

    I didn't need to do any cutting on the actual door.

    It wasn't a very hard job to do.
    seblebatou ·
    Hello, sorry for my English (Im french). I'd buy polk DB6501 and I saw that you had them. How to install? Have you hacked or did you buy special items to install without problems (spacer)? I own a mini one (2003) with an Alpine head unit CD boost.
    Thank you very much in advance.
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