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  • sunshine00 ·
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    connolad ·
    Daflake ive seen forums and recognise your the closest thing to a mini experts. ive just bought a mini cooper s 2002 model.i absolutely love it, however i have recently tried updating my satnav to no avail,now my screen has gone blank and has stayed blank for a day. i have tried disconnecting the battery several times with disc in and also disc out of nav drive. is there something im doin wrong or another method to get my computer back. ive tried both original mini disc and new downloaded v32 software disc. still nothing. please help!
    Deuce_7 ·
    Looks like you were right DaFlake. BMW aren't interested as it's beyond their 6 year cut off on goodwill.

    I've got a friend who's dad is a mechanic (very handy) but he's asked me if I can find out to when replacing the psp is there a specific part I will need (i don't want to get another psp that will fail in a few months).

    There's nothing else blazingly obvious I'm missing in getting the unit replaced am I?

    I posted this on the thread, but you seemed to know a thing or two about my problem so I thought I'd pm you, hope you don't mind
    BoltonGT ·
    Hi I am transferring the 2002 mini cooper from wife to daughter (wife has just upgraded to a convertible!). i said I would get the sat nav updated which we have not done since new. What is the best way to do so?
    gshrubby ·
    Hi, i have a 2002 mini cooper s with sat nav. i followed advise about up dating my sat nav but now find that the system nolonger works! i've tried to 'reboot'the system by taking terminals off the battery, but again no joy. On further inspection it seems that although the cd part is working, the navigation system is showing no power? I now find (possibly due to the reboot), that i have both the ABS and Tire warning light are constantly on. i've checked the fuses but all are ok. Any clues? cheers
    nsethi ·
    I bought a 2004 mini cooper s last week with built in sat nav. Since then the sat nav doesn't seem able to locate me accurately. The maps come up but it's always off my actual location by around 500yds. I've tried resetting the location manually but it's always off - what am I doing wrong or is it completely broken?
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