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  • nhatroso ·
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    hoss 1946 ·
    I have 2 Mini's ; one 2006 HB S and a 2008 convertible S.
    I really need help on replacing the entire HK audio system in the 2008 Convertible but I would like to use the OEM wiring and an Alpine MRV F300 amp, Kenwood KIV Bt901 Headunit ,Kicker ds65 2 way speakers, Boyo back- up camera. I have installed a similar system in the 2006 HB but it was not an HK System.
    I really need help in identifying the speaker wiring colors (+)&(-) and the proper wiring for the Alpine amp using the OEM wiring. I have exposed the RF door woofer and it has a yellow wire with a blue trace and a yellow wire with a silver trace??
    The Apline MRV F300 Amp will fit nicely in the space under the Passenger seat where the HK amp is located.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Hoss 304 776 6552
    ajaforsyth ·
    Hi GBMINI,

    Ive followed your posts through this forum on issues with the HK system.

    I have a fairly unusual issue (i think);

    I bought my MCS second hand with the Sony HU installed. Removing it this weekend, it is apparent that the previous owner cut cables from the main BMW plug to solder in a Sony plug. So as long as ive owned the car, there is no sound from the front speakers, only the rear speakers.
    I have now fitted an ISO to fit the Parrot HU and predictably i have the same sound issue.

    Reading your posts I see that all speakers are connected to a HK amp (above right rear wheel?) and this only works correctly with the standard Mini HU. I also see that you created the HKenabler, which is still available. Do you think this will work with my newly fitted standard ISO?

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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