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  1. First Oil Change

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Thanks, guys. I still do not have a delivery date but I'll be scheduling an oil/filter change again after about 1,000 miles. My Cooper is about to turn 240,000, so I believe it is of benefit!
  2. First Oil Change

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    Techno-advice, please. Is there a disadvantage to changing the oil & filter early on a new vehicle? I'm about to take delivery of a Cooper D and I'm likely to keep it a long time. When I mentioned about an early oil change, the dealer said that they did not recommend it but could not say why...
  3. How Loud Is Your MINI????????

    General Discussion
    I thought I'd hijack this thread to give a report on my May 2004 Cooper. The exhaust has got a bit rorty and it is the flexible connection between Manifold and Cat blowing. This (apparently) requires a new manifold and cat at GBP350-ish, plus "at least" 2h to fit; at a possible GBP500+, I have...
  4. Wheel Noise - Caliper

    Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
    I had some strange noises from the rear for a while and thought it was wheel bearings [2004 Cooper). Then some terrible noises while braking but no pad warning lights. Both rear callipers had the slides seized, so only one pad wearing; dealer tried to use repair kit but could not remove seized...
  5. Who's driven the most miles? - HWS has over 317,000!

    General Discussion
    Not long ago I got to 222,222 miles and took a picture with the odometer on 22.2 as well; that's 22.2 222222! My May 2004 Cooper, which I've had from new is now up to 224500 and it will pass the 225k at the weekend.
  6. Should I go with a JCW or save money and buy an MCS?

    General Discussion
    Hitman, it's horses-for-courses; I started with a Cooper in 2004, moved to a MCS in mid-2007 (so R56, I waited for LSD), then to a JCW in 2009, when the factory Works was in production. Each time I though "that'll do me", then wished for more power! I'm a firm believer in buying the right car...
  7. New Mini Diesel - Decisions, decisions - Help please!!

    General Discussion
    I've had DAB on the last 2 Minis as I listen to 5 Live and Planet Rock; it's very good! The only problems you get are having to retune if you travel a long way out of your area... and the North-West corner of the M25, which for some reason has terrible reception. I'm considering a Dooper next...
  8. 08 MCS to do weekly run of 450miles = financial suicide??

    General Discussion
    As I said, seldom a short journey and a lot of time on the M3 sub-70! I wouldn't worry about high mileage, my old Cooper, now with my son, is coming up to 190,000!
  9. Driving on snow and icy conditions

    General Discussion
    I run 15" alloys with Michelin Alpin's for the winter on a 2004 Cooper, excellent in the snow we had last winter. My JCW on 17" Dunlops is a different matter! Did a big whoopsie on black ice and bent the front suspension. When the BMW Mini was new, I went on a test ride in the winter near...
  10. 08 MCS to do weekly run of 450miles = financial suicide??

    General Discussion
    It will depend more on your right foot than the car. My '07 MCS averaged 36.16 mpg over its 29,047 miles in 2 years; very few short runs but moments of spirited driving. So, 450 miles will use 12.5 gallons or 56.5 litres at, say, 123.9p per litre - £70 per week, £303 per month. I use Tesco 99...
  11. Drivers side window inop

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    It works! 2004 Cooper with 185,000 miles on it and it did the trick. Thanks!
  12. Strange noise/vibration

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    A note to record my thanks to johnmichael - thank you! After a visit where the dealer told me they had fixed it by refitting the wheel arch inner trim :(, I took a mechanic out for a test drive to demonstrate the fault and they fixed it that day! Turned out to be the OSF wheel bearing.
  13. Changing from run flats to standard tyres on Mini Cooper S

    Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
    I've just posted on FYI.
  14. run flat tyres- where can I get the best price?

    Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
    I always find Micheldever Tyres are best for any performance tyre and they usually have quite a choice, even in exotic sizes. Micheldever Tyre & Auto Services I believe they are the largest independent tyre dealer in the UK and, if you're in Slough, it's not too far a run. Beware, there is...
  15. Strange noise/vibration

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    I've a 2009 JCW, 10,000 miles, and have noticed a very strange noise that sounds serious. Driving straight ahead or to the right it's fine but any slight turn to the left over about 40 mph and there is a pulsing sound and possibly a matching vibration. It does not seem speed dependant...