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  • Cooperone ·
    Hi K3fus

    I've got a issue with my Mini regarding the fuel gauge. Sometimes it will show 4 yellow lights then other times it will just jump to the red empty light. I see you managed to solve your problem and was wondering if you could help me out. I had it plugged into the diagnostics and it came up with tank sensor 2. I was told this was the one attached to the filter so changed the whole unit. This didn't solve the problem and so I changed the other level sensor on the pump as well but still have the same problem. As you can imagine costs are mounting and would really appreciate your help on this matter.


    Black_Knight ·
    Hey Man. I see you have the same fuel gauge problem with your mini as my Girlfriend has with hers.

    How did you end up fixing it? Hers was showing 3/4 full (when 100% full) up until this weekend, and now its showing empty. Im going to try the test menu's this evening and see what menu 6.2 shows me, but we're fearing its 2 dead fuel sender units. Any insight would be much appreciated.
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