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  • PFM ·
    What do the sevens on your mini mean? Is it a special package? I've seen one here in the US but the owner didn't know what they where about.
    ktbez ·
    Thankyou, I am 21, Girl in Warrington. I mean I am so annoyed beacuse I feel like they are trying to rip me off I mean you would really have to have abused it for it to go at 8000.

    So do you think I should wait see what they say then contest it? Did they try and tell your friend that it was a wear and tear? If yeah how did they prove it wasn't?

    There are so many people facing these problems with clutchs on these cars lol
    ktbez ·

    Had my car since 1st April 2009 brand new cooper, Done 8000 in it 7500 of which on motorways. This was my first car so I have never noticed anything strange about the clutch. Last night my partner drove it for the 1st time and was concerned about how high the clutch was. I took it to mini this morning and one of the service guys took her for a spin. They came back with the clutch has gone and it will cost £1100 to fix it if it is due to wear and tear. I am shocked that a mini would only do 8000 before the clutch burning out. I do not drive fast infact I follow the gear indicator to the book lol and my revs never really go over 3. Any advice on what I can do?


    Your friend have any advice thankyou agian
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