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  • GordySB ·
    We've had terrible problems identifying the cause of a sporadic cut out of pwer steering on my 2002 Mini Cooper. Eventually we replaced the power steering unit, but this did little to improve things. The battery gave up 2 weeks later and after replacing this the problem hasn't occured again. Could the state of the battery have had a direct impact on the steering unit performance?
    Any advice from personal experince would be helpful

    guy hervieux ·
    Thanks for the thread link. It does discuss the reason for continually running pump and it makes sense. Mini Canada is not as forthcoming as the UK. The replacement looks straight forward to do myself. Thanks
    guy hervieux ·
    Hi Mab01,
    I have a 03JCW S that has a PSP problem similar to many. Mine is working, but it won't shut off. I've seen a few other posts with the same comment. It seems to me to be an electronic control issue, not a pump issue. I have no faith in the local dealer to do much beyond attempt to empty my wallet. Do you know how others have fixed my type of problem? Are the controls in the pump? Thanks
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