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    Hello Carl,

    I'm from Portugal and I have a new mini, just like yours (oxygen blue with black roof and mirrors). Here in Portugal it's a really rare color, besides mine i've only seen one. My mini hasn't got any stripes, and i really enjoy the viper stripes in blacks, just like yours. But i've never seen one. And i searched the internet for pictures of oxygen blue with viper stripes, and the ONLY photo i saw was your mini, but the photo is very small. Could you please send me photos of your mini. It looks GORGEOUS, and I really want to put some viper stripes in mine, but I would really apreciate if you send me some photos.

    Sorry for my english :)
    My email is [email protected] if you want i can send photos of my mini too.

    Sorry to disturb you,


    Filipa Brandão
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