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  • markritz ·
    Many thx for reply.
    In regards to super charger, yes check gear. Done this before fitting new water pump, wheels off floor, put into gear, held one wheel while turning the other, as this was done held output gear end that joins water pump, hard to try and stop. Think thats the way to check.
    Going to change temp sensor, just got one today, see if thats whats stopping signal to ecu for fan cut in.
    Will take pressure cap into consideration aswell now.
    Also purchased an air fed fluid vacuum kit to try out.
    Will keep you upto date.
    Thanks again.
    mab01uk ·
    Running out of ideas now.......but check pressure cap is ok, if pressure drops coolant will boil at lower temperature.......check hoses for pin holes which also drop pressure....if heater is cold there is air in it or matrix is blocked stopping circulation.......water circulates through heater all the time as no water valve only air flaps.......cooling fan temp sensor ok?
    R53 Cooper S - Supercharger
    A thing also worth checking if your MCS is having overheating problems is the supercharger water pump drive gears.
    When they start to wear they don't drive the water pump properly this will cause overheating due to bad flow rates, and it's quite a hard fault to detect.
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