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  1. F60 Start/Stop Surprise

    MINI Countryman
    Before anyone says it - yes I should have read the manual at least twice! Recently in long traffic jam and after a while thought I would try something. The car came to a stop and the Start/Stop activated to turn off the engine. I left it in Drive and applied the electric parking brake and...

    MINI Countryman
    Have to say my 2019 Countryman Cooper S has behaved faultlessly over the last 5 months. Obtaining 39mpg with mixed driving. The auto is really good on the 2.0l petrol engine and has all the performance I ever wanted with excellent low rpm torque. Held off a PHEV for time being because of the...
  3. Mini Countryman F60 - Loosing tyre pressure

    MINI Countryman
    Thanks knt & Keeff. Keeff I have done exactly as you describe and will monitor.
  4. Mini Countryman F60 - Loosing tyre pressure

    MINI Countryman
    Had my Mini for 5 months now and wondering if I need to be concerned over a general loss of tyre pressure. The tyres are standard Pirelli P7 Run Flat 225/55 x 17. On previous cars I have had Michelin, Continental, Yokohama, Kleber & Bridgestone all of which have held their pressures for long...
  5. 2019 Cooper S Rattling?

    Third Generation MINI Cooper S
    Certainly doesn't sound right to me. My 2l sounds very smooth. What does the supplying Dealer say?
  6. Mini Clubman Cooper S parking break

    Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
    The Owner's Handbook for my F60 says: "..Depending on the parking situation, the parking brake is automatically engaged...…….Steptronic transmission: engaging elector lever position P automatically applies the parking brake....." I haven't experienced the parking brake being applied only when...
  7. Mini connected

    MINI Clubman
    Just checked my app and it has not synced since 17th July and currently has no connection to car although the app itself seems fine. Which suggests a problem between the car and the MINI Ltd servers.
  8. Mini connected

    MINI Clubman
    Hi, the app, ver seems to work fine on my Samsung A40. What problems are you having?
  9. MINI Connected update of maps

    Third Generation Interior & Ice
    Thanks henry90. Your description is what I thought would happen, so I called Customer Services again. They checked the configuration of my car and confirmed that the updating mechanism through MINI Connected was set to "Automatic". They also said it isn't possible for the customer to change...
  10. MINI Connected update of maps

    Third Generation Interior & Ice
    Hi, I noticed that my new Countryman was running maps designated 2018-4, and that an update to 2019-1 (UK & IE) was available. I spoke with Customer Services about how to get that update. I was informed that: the latest version was in fact 2019-3 but as it was a new car it would start to load...
  11. Just taken delivery F60

    Welcome New Members
    Hi, Collected new F60 yesterday, having traded in a 1 year old Honda Civic. Mightily impressed! No real issues just got to get my head around all the settings. Genuinely helpful handover from South Staffs Mini dealership.