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  • Onsdoo ·
    I am sorry if my questions have been answer in another thread or simply dumb questions. I am just very interested in knowing ur opinion and I have no knowledge with minis aside from the fact I have always dreamed of owning one since I was young...

    I don't even mind if I get a coupe but I feel like I rather get the biggest be for more usage.. I like the fact the clubman has a nice two door in the cargo... I can for bags and stuff. I don't know if the countryman has the same.
    hope you can give me some advice

    Onsdoo ·
    Hello, need some help. I am new here and I saw how much knowledge you have with the Mini card.
    I just have some questions and I need your advice

    wanting to buy my first car and my dream is amino. Battling with JCW clubman or countryman. I want a bigger space in the cargo and don't mind if it has two or 4 doors because I don't plan to have a lot of passengers with me.

    What is a good investment? I know its a preference. But I heard that countrymen's top is not high enough compared to clubman ?

    I plan to buy by April or may, Is it too early and should I wait for those new versions in 2014? I can wait If there is new ones coming out

    Do mini wear out in time or its a collectors item where even if my model is from an old year, it still be good as the new models?
    writer01 ·
    Hello, I am new here. Please tell me where on the site is the correct place to put a for sale ad for my 2006 JCW competetion race car? Thank you.
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