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  1. Good Bye MINI2

    General Discussion
    Best of luck with your family issues Ron. Like you I miss the "old" MINI2 and if you read this, I hope you have many happy days ahead. Thanks for all your work on the forums over the years too. Cheers Liam
  2. Electric MINI Racer laps Nurburgring

    MINI in Motorsport
    CLICK HERE to watch in-car footage of the entire lap.
  3. Official: MINI to enter WRC from 2011

    MINI in Motorsport
    MINI confirms WRC entry from 2011 :cool:
  4. CANBERRA Region Mini Lovers Thread!

    Mostly. Due to driving different cars, of course, but there's semi-regular appearances from most of us on MINI-mods. :indi: I know just how you feel Tux. I don't regret selling my MINI at all, but I do miss it sometimes. Good luck with the GTI. :indi:
  5. CANBERRA Region Mini Lovers Thread!

    Nice to see a few new Canberra MINI owners on the boards. Obviously I'm not on here much, but if you chaps ever want to go for a drive I'm willing to meet up (shoot me a PM if you like). I assume you are familiar with the delights of Brindabella Road? :indi: Cheers Liam
  6. MINI John Cooper Works Challenge Edition

    MINI in the Media
    Yeah, quite reasonable really. The only thing I don't like is the rear wing.
  7. John Cooper Works Kit Sale?

    Today is your lucky day. ;) :indi:
  8. MINI John Cooper Works Challenge Edition

    MINI in the Media
    The MINI JCW Challenge Edition is a special option pack consisting of the following: full JCW body kit JCW Carbon spoiler JCW Aluminium cross brace JCW Alcantara and Carbon steering wheel JCW Carbon gearshift knob with Alcantara shroud JCW Carbon handbrake lever with Alcantara surround unique...
  9. QLD MINI Owners [The Usual Suspects]

    Bump for another possible wedding request. I have a mate getting married in Brisbane in around 4 weeks. I'll post him this URL and with any luck you lovely QLDers can help a brother out! :indi:
  10. MINI Moke for Motor City?

    MINI in the Media
    Here it is - MINI Beachcomber Concept More pics (available in hi res) at AUSmotive. I think it looks great. Not much chance of a doorless car ever making production, though, surely!
  11. If you don't know, ask the Oracle - Mr Clever - Handy Andy!

    The Oracle has gone into early retirement. ;)
  12. Hi From Australia

    First Generation MINI Cooper S
    Don't forget the Aussie forum. :indi:
  13. 400bhp from my R56

    You need one of those HiClone jobbies then you'll be posting about 500hp. Good luck, will make for some fun reading, whatever the final output figure reads. :indi:
  14. My MINI Adventures have come to an end - Thankyou and Goodbye

    Sorry to hear the news Charles. Although, I do know of a great MINI for sale and I hear the owner is willing to do a good deal. ;) :indi:
  15. CANBERRA Region Mini Lovers Thread!

    Get the Golf Tux, I reckon they're pretty cool! :) Here's something for you to read while you decide. After that, you can reminisce with these! :D :indi: