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  • jambo187 ·
    hya mate dont know if you can help me or point me in the right direction to some information? i got a mini cooper 2005 the gear box is shot as far as i can tell i pull off and it bangs/bounces loud not long had a new clutch kit fitted tried a new drive shaft and it still dose it. thinking of cutting my losses and getting a new gearbox but with the motorway trips i do i was thinking of getting the getrag 6 speed? do you have any info or know where i can get info ive seen links for a pdf file but its expired and all the rest are for midland gearboxes? im just trying to find out what extras i need to get with the gearbox i know id have to get the 6 speed gear linkage but thats about it? any info u could pass on would be amazing thanks... feel lost with out my Minions
    [email protected] ·
    Hi minione2002, I have posted understated message, want to thank you for your comments in 2016, this really helped me out and solved my problem today!! I have spent 1,5 day figuring this out..... Big thanks!!

    ..........After changing the fuel filter the car wouldn't start anymore. No pressure on front fuel line. Opening the release valve on the injection rail gave me nothing. After checking everything triple, disassembling fuel filter housing 3 times I got nothing every time UNTILL....... somebody on FB gave me a tip coming from this forum stating your fuel tank should be 3/4 full. Mine was approx. less then half full......!!SUCCES!!, that was it, she started up immediately. never would have thought the solution was that simple.....
    Still do not understand why it did so, when my tank is half full under normal condition, she still starts and drives......... this still puzzles me..........

    big Thanks to: minione2002
    NigelK ·
    Hi Henry, just had a look at the Welcome Newbies forum. I see there is a sticky on there by Cave about folk getting info up about their Mini, pics and so on.

    Appreciate one can't 'make' people put any personal details up. But in the same vein as Cave's sticky would it be possible to add to it/add another sticky that just suggests putting in basic details like country, rough location, such as county in UK or city in US, and M/F because it is useful in getting sensible responses to their posts and questions? I find myself trying to guess what country they are in!

    Cheers, Nigel
    NigelK ·
    Henry, is it possible to encourage or make folk put in at least the country they are in, so it appears in the info on the left under their posts? And if possible roughly where in the country they are, especially if the are in the UK. Say county or area at least.
    At times it makes it easier to respond to threads/posts if one knows where they are.
    Cheers and thanks for taking the moderators responsibilities.
    cotdencaoap ·
    Bui trong nap gang ho ga khong khi cot den trang tri san vuon tu hoat dong den vuon trang tri cong nghiep cot den cao ap hapulico va nong nghiep den chieu sang san vuon co the lam den chieu sang duong pho giam chuc nang song chan rac composite cua bo tan nhiet vay. Dat duoc quan ly bao tri mien phi nap ho ga composite tot nhiet trong mot moi truong thu dich thuong xuyen trong khi van giu gia thanh san pham canh tranh la tro ngai lon nhat de ap dung rong rai cua den duong halogen.Do vay khi su dung den cao ap sodium chieu sang se tiet kiem
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