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  • Jason Perry ·
    Hi NIGEL,
    JUST signed up to the forum, i read your thread regarding upgrading the brakes on a R50
    you mentioned about the peddle feeling softer after the install because of the bigger piston, is there a way to correct this, the brakes work perfectly, and there all bedded in nicely. its just that softer feel,
    NigelK ·
    It is really difficult to tell them apart TBH. Try asking my mate Steve Farman in Tonbridge. He sells new kits and knows them well. New carriers aren't that much money.
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    James_G ·
    Hi Nigel

    For some reason I am unable to post in your thread "R53 Front Brake Upgrade" so reverting to direct message.

    Regarding the carriers, you mention in the thread that they are different, due to the pins used, despite looking the same. Can you tell me what that specific difference is? I ask as I have a 2nd hand pair of calipers and carriers from an early R56 Cooper S, and having removed the slider pins they are the same length and indeed the holes they slide in to are also the same depth. Since they are a bit rusty I can't read the text on them to see which one is BDA947 and which is BDA946 and they are visually at least identical. These will be going on to my R53 Checkmate for what it's worth.

    Grateful for any help you can give me.


    Joshmaidment ·
    Hi Nigel,

    I came across your post about the mini r53 reinforcement front strut plates, you said you had a contact who does these, could you possibly get me in touch with him? My towers are starting to mushroom a bit as one of my mounts has also torn. So in desperate need
    Would be much appreciated!!
    Josh M.
    stimps ·
    Hi Nigel,

    Just bought a mini cooper s and looking to mod it up a little to make it go and sound a bit better. Would be interested in the airbox if you are looking to sell it. I saw that you bought one a few weeks back and were looking to sell it.

    Happy New Year.


    NigelK ·
    OK thought as much. Pity.

    Yes many 'newbies' post a question, get answers and it's the last you hear from them. Not even an acknowledgemnet and/or thank you.

    I'm staggered how little some of them, and I presume they are youngISH, being youngIST here, know about even the basics of how a car works.

    I know how they work but what I find so useful on this or any marque/model specific forum is the things that relate to the particular car and model that you have.
    Cheers, Nige
    minione2002 ·
    Hiya Nigel.

    Unfortunately it isn't possible to make people show their location because of privacy ETC ETC. :big_grin:

    Most people just drop into the forum and leave once their question is answered,

    for some reason they don't bother to add any important info like their location, car info or anything like that. ::smile:: ::frown::
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