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  • ovidiu.adrian ·
    Hello Roland,

    I have a Mini Cooper R56 from '07.

    I read your article about catalytic converter and p0420 code.

    I have CEL on and p0420 and p111b fault codes. I have to mention that i changed O2 sensor before catalytic convertor 300km ago.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance.
    mikey1991 ·

    Was wondering if you have any deals on the Intercooler and intercooler spray, have been wanting to get them for ages just didnt know a price on how much all this would cost?

    last year i had the GTT220 packaged fitting, got used to the speed and acceleration now.. need some more fun ;)
    OllieC ·
    Hello Bloke, Ollie here from Cheltenham. Run home was a right off with friday traffic but have had a bit of a hamering around the cotswolds today...enjoying myself :) Called this morning about the emissions light; as John had said it has now gone back off. Guess that and the traction light pop on from time to time dependent on driving style. See you soon for another round of mods. :)
    Rooster ·
    Hi Roland, bought rear disks(spiroslots and pads(kevlar) package from you a while back for my 2004 Cooper convertible, Front discs and pads now need changing. What deals are you doing if any for mini2 members for the spiroslot discs/pad package?
    plavoie3101 ·

    This is Pierre Lavoie from Canada. I bought GTT stuffs on april 21st and I have no news since then. Could you please contact me at 418-805-1557.

    miniTias ·
    Hi Roland..I have recently purchased a 2003 mcs with a declared gtt260 pack..Is there anything i can look out for to confirm it actually is the gtt260 kit apart from the intercool and airfilet and struts? Im in Malta btw..this car has been modded by you in 2007 apparently..Thanks in advance
    KCS ·
    Hi Roland,
    Got your CAI kit for my 02 CS 2 months ago.
    Car drove fine, then yesterday, funny noise from exhaust, followed by amber engine warning light and change in exhaust note. Reduced engine power. When I restarted the car 3 hours later, engine note and power back to normal, car drives normal, but warning light stays on.
    Could the cats had broken up and caused a momentary blockage in the pipes? This has miraculously cleared, hence power back to normal, but the damaged cat is causing the light to stay on. I cant imagine it has anything to do with your CAI, considering the history of events as above.
    Any ideas ?
    NaOH ·
    hi, roland. my cooper s got GTT 220. I will buy GTT drive belt and strut brace from GTT website. And fitted in local bmw specialist (Manchester BMTec). Just want to know how much labour fees normally? And any especial notice or advice to change drive belt. Looking for your reply. Many Thanks
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