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  1. code

    First Generation Interior & Ice
    hi romiloned. if you dont have the code, you may well be able to get the code from your local mini dealer. just take in your log book (for proof of ownership) and i guess your keys,( they may put your keys into a cradle, which gives them all service history etc,etc) smile and ask nicely...
  2. Hesitation in first gear

    General Discussion
    hiya. me and the missus both have mini r55/r56 and both have the hop problem with pulling away in 1st gear. My man who can has driven both, and being a bmw/mini tech, he says it,s "a mini thing ". Something to do with the clutch system, will need replacing eventually, but dont they all? So...
  3. water sound coming from my dash

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    sound of running water behind the dashboard hi. i had a pinhole in the heater pipe ( not usual for mini, apparently) had this fixed, along with the thermostat housing and thermostat itself being replaced. After a couple of days , began to hear the water running sound, so rang my man who...
  4. Shall i buy this advice please!?

    General Discussion
    wow. nice car. i have a red cooper, white roof, jcw body kit, so, go for it. if you are concerned about the colour fading, or over cleaning, i can reccomend a product called Proshine. or some call it Greased Lightening. It,s a water free wash, sort of like a polish, but it protects your paint...
  5. Key chain

    General Discussion
    have you tried your local dealer? or google mini keyrings. loads of places on there.
  6. Vpower or unleaded??

    General Discussion
    vpower is usually 7p per litre more than the normal stuff. 126p where i am
  7. Fuel Cooper s and JCW

    General Discussion
    hi. same mileage for me , with vpower, in a cooper r55.
  8. Anyone else have trouble fueling their mini

    General Discussion
    hi there. never had that problem, but i only hold the handle on the pump to halfway, stops the pump from venting, basically, the fuel cuts out for a second or two as you are filling up, to vent out the gasses,BUT, the counter still goes round, therefore costing you money for the sake of fuel...
  9. Vpower or unleaded??

    General Discussion
    gotta be vpower for me. i use it in my r55 cooper. i get about 38mpg, or 400 miles to a full tank. defo feels better to me than using unleaded from Shell. Not tried anyother fuel manufactorers though, but for me, it,s vpower.
  10. Newbie needing advice!

    General Discussion
    hi ncoopers, yes they do sell the insurance on cars that are not new, but you can get some good scratch repairers out there, it,s just the insurance will also take care of any dents or scratches you some how auire from jealous gits in car parks. As for the JCW kit, i know what you mean about...
  11. Mystery connection

    General Discussion
    hi mate. just had a look under my hood, but cant really see unless i take my undergaurd off. looks pretty much like some sort of sensor, maybe a lambda sensor ( exhaust gases ) or a temp sensor. do the gauges work on the dash ok ?
  12. installing a hood scoop on standard Mini

    General Discussion
    hi. dont do it unless you,re gonna add the rear spoiler and bumper kit, it will just look like a imatation.
  13. Newbie needing advice!

    General Discussion
    hi mate. glad to hear all went well. why would you have to ask to keep the jcw kit on it ? is he gonna take it off? i would say £1200 is a bit steep to say the least. As for the scratches, you can buy a insurance to repair those, i was offered it when i bought my car, it,s called SMART...
  14. Newbie needing advice!

    General Discussion
    hi . guess as you already drive a quality car, you know what you,re looking for. maybe listen out for a extra noisy steering pump when you turn the wheel whilst not moving, although you will hear a slight whine as you turn the engine off, also watch for a extra high bite point on the clutch...
  15. New member saying Hi

    General Discussion
    hi. yep, i,ve changed to the 17", and they look great BUT they seem to grab any ripple in the road and sometime,s you,re almost hanging on for ( not dear life) but you get what i mean. wife has em on her mini one, and has the same issue as i do on my cooper. It,s not like you will go straight...