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  • Yuillr2 ·
    Thank you so much for your reply. I've been going mad and I'm sure the dealer also thinks I'm mad :).

    The warranty I have is with Arnold Clark so it may be that they've used an aftermarket or even refurbished pump. Is there any way I could tell?

    The tyres are hankook evo s1 runflat and have a good amount of tread on them. Strangely running my finger along the inner tread it seems very uneven. I have bridgestone potenza runflat on the back which seem almost new. Would it be worth swapping them around?

    I had a strange strong petrol smell when i started the car this morning, could this be the fuel pump?

    Sorry to be a pain!

    Thanks again :)
    mab01uk ·
    I have found different Mini's of the same type and year sometimes feel quite different, Mini's do have heavier steering than most other small cars, this is said by BMW to be a delibrate feature of the Mini being a more sporting car with more feel and direct but not overly assisted steering. I have found the make of tyres and even the amount of tread wear can have an effect. I recently changed from worn Pirelli Runflat tyres to normal new non-runflat Goodyear tyres which has resulted in slightly lighter steering, smoother ride, virtually no-tramlining and a cheaper price!
    As you had a new BMW pump fitted under warranty then I would think any ps pump assistance variations should be less likely than with an aftermarket reconditioned pump.
    There is nothing adjustable in the ps would be difficult to pinpoint other possible causes but there could maybe be some stiffness in the steering rack assembly itself or even a front suspension joint causing the difference.
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