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  1. New thermostat housing with adaptor cable

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    282811653986. Ebay number which also shows the lead with the male connections and the wider one but on my loom there is nowhere to plug that in, I still have two ecu leads so this is messy. I understand you have knowledge of the new version unit which is one four pin on the thermostat and female...
  2. New thermostat housing with adaptor cable

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Now then, I have used Neobrothers a few time with great service but they are asking silly questions. Let me explain, the housing they sent has regular mini connections x 2. No 4 pin connector, the box also contained the cable which has two male leads/connectors and one 4 pin elongated connector...
  3. New thermostat housing with adaptor cable

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    So, just fitted my BMW, expensive housing as the Chinese part from eurocarparts lasted two years and was indeed stuck open. So, in the box was the heart and the cable. Fitted the thing then realised this has the 2x connections and the cable does not fit anywhere. Anyone tell me if I have been...
  4. Spot the error

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    No idle flutter or hunting anymore and great responsive acceleration. Car is going well. Using autocom to read and thermostat is a perm fault. Bled coolant, all good
  5. Spot the error

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Odd thing is there was no code or dash warning, just hunting and stumble at high revs.
  6. Spot the error

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    In Spain, it may be the source of my hunting idle... still, not time to wax my skis yet.
  7. Spot the error

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Bank 1 sensor 1 seems to be away for a holiday! Awaiting delivery of the 22mm socket šŸ˜
  8. 2004 Mini Cooper alarm has started to go off

    General Discussion
    Check the bonnet is fully shut and have a look at the sensor there, it is a bulky button set up, not exactly high tech :) but if it has been dunted it could be out of position.
  9. 2004 Mini Cooper alarm has started to go off

    General Discussion
    So, there are 4 'open' sensors, one in each door, one under the bonnet and the tailgate latch. Any of these could be at fault so making sure everything is tightly closed might help. If you suspect something in the cabin is moving then disable motion and tilt sensor by double locking with remote...
  10. How to set time on R59 with after market radio?

    General Discussion
    The BC button should still work with an aftermarket head. Mine has a Chinese android and the BC can still change the tachometer time. Not sure what fault you have but presume you are following the instruction manual fully.
  11. Potentially buying a Mini Cooper S Chilli pack tomorrow. Looking for opinions.

    General Discussion
    To add to that, anything over 60-70k miles then ask if the timing chain has been replaced (they will tell you the chain is not a service item but believe me it is and is prone to problems). This is a job you will want to do if you hear the death rattle on cold start.
  12. Leaking 2009 convertible

    Welcome New Members
    No videos that I could find but I can talk you through it now. Tools required - Drill and bit suitable size for the rivets Pop rivet gun (manual type) Strong scissors/cutters Headtorch smallish hands :) Technical bit - So, begin in the boot and put the roof into easy access mode using the two...
  13. Mini Countryman Cooper SD All 4 - Stalling at times like Stop/Start

    MINI Countryman
    I didn't know the chain was visible, how does one inspect the chain on the N47 for future reference please?
  14. Leaking 2009 convertible

    Welcome New Members
    Rain onto the back seat usually occurs due to the side panel (between the door window and rear corner) being slack. The body pin with a clamp holds the hood taught and in place but the hood has a weak spot, the metal/plastic hole deteriorates and allows the fabric to move about. There is a...
  15. LEDs inside in the door handle Jump to Latest

    Second Generation MINI Cooper S Found this on Ebay. You can get the part numbers for your car from www
  16. Removing Stripes!

    Second Generation MINI Exterior
    The stipes may or may not leave altered colour areas. It seems to depend how sunny a climate it has been in. (me, I am in Spain and my MINI is garaged half the year and rarely left in the sun). Very sunny and left outside there is a risk of fading over the rest of the car leaving it darker under...
  17. 2010 Mini Cooper Clubman — stalling at idle continues, plus new weird problems (:

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    Word of warning. I used high temperature epoxy to fit the cap with two broken clips and all seemed fine for a few weeks then, when tanking it on a Spanish motorway in Sport mode it pooped itself! Smoke cloud behind me was spectacular and dash lights up. Thought I had blown the head gasket. On...
  18. Mini One remapping

    First Generation MINI Tuning
  19. R60 Countryman

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    That would be a 20 minute job with a home socket set and a tube of sealer. There are a couple of corners that require sealant added. Outrageous price!
  20. Banging

    MINI Faults & Fixes
    Also, a very common banging noise comes from the rear anti-roll bar bushings being worn. These are cheap and easy to replace and last around 30-40K miles.
1-20 of 350 Results