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  1. Seat Swap (R50)

    First Generation Interior & Ice
    I have a set of front R53 leather seats and I'd like to fit them into my 2003 R50 Mini Cooper. The trouble I am running into is the one connection between the two seats. My R50 seats have 4 connectors, and so do the R53 seats but one black connector (for the belt tensioner) won't fit on my...
  2. R50 Possible Supercharger Add on

    First Generation MINI Cooper
    Great points, anything is possible with some time, patience, and money! I didn't even think to search if others asked this! Yes, I've heard of twin-charging. I feel like it's done more out of the U.S. Companies like 1320 Mini that are based in the U.K have done some insane builds with these...
1-2 of 2 Results