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  1. Wifes convertible boot won't open!

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    some say there's nothing worse when your wifes boot wont open lol
  2. To heat shield...or not to heat shield?

    General Discussion
    also low engine oil will cause heat spikes as well
  3. Valve position at TDC?

    Second Generation MINI Cooper
    you must use special timing lock tools link below fairly ok cheap one, lock the crankshaft as when all 4 pistons are...
  4. 2010 R56 cooper s Jcw skirts

    MINI Cooper S
    if holes are not its just a drill bit same size as the plastic clips,, failing that its poss to bond plastics on to any car ie stuff called tiger seal will do it link below...
  5. Mini Countryman bike carrier

    General Discussion
    ho just dont do it stick some roof bars on it , something like below so much better, also prevents the bikes from getting damaged from road dirt and stones etc, and also no chance of falling off, its also poss to use roof box in middle and bike ether side of it with a little bit of planing and...
  6. 2011 Mini Cooper Key not unlocking doors

    Second Generation MINI Cooper
    its worth plugging keys in to dash for a few hours just fr reference for others as they are rechargeable, new keys from bmw are around £130, there are people on ebay that can repair faulty keys ie replace battery and buttons etc,, as both your keys are doing same thing chances are it could be...
  7. Replacement key

    MINI Cooper
    ocean bmw plymouth £130 for new genuine keys
  8. MINI R57 Cooling Fan

    Second Generation Faults & Fixes
    if you have the aircon switched on the coolant fan will run its designed to do this as to ensure the evaporator turns the gas back to a liquid again for pump to re-pump around the system etc,, also if you have any fault codes logged in ecu same thing fan will kick in when code throws up wont...
  9. Morris minor performance.

    MINI Cooper Diesel
    its that old nut where to start and for me its always good level diagnostics tool without it its all guess work and throwing parts at it and thats not the right way by far can cause a lot of head aches,, by far best value for money is autocom cdp plus can buy it on ebay for £36 uk seller it will...
  10. 2009 Mini - should I or shouldn't I

    Maintenance & MINI Care
    with those miles should have a timing chain replacement in the history if not need to take that in to account, also basic spec cars dont sell well that said high spec cars are fairly limited back at that age
  11. STEERING faulty

    MINI Faults & Fixes
    would also check the joint on steering column ie spray wd40 in it,, most common is pump
  12. ECU re-mapping - 2012 Mini Convertible S - North America

    Second Generation MINI Tuning
    unless your using something like latest CMD mapping software(expensive) you wont even be able to read the ecu map, even then on later cars some ecu's they are factory locked ie only way is to remove the ecu demount or eprom the storage chip,, on the very latest bmw ecu's they go one better to...
  13. Possible gearbox problem, r53 cooper s

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    top strut mounts, gearbox mount passenger side. drain gearbox oil in to a clean tub and leave to settle for a hour see whats in bottom if got metal particles then clear its a gearbox failure, if not more inclined to think flywheel area,, if not wheel bearing
  14. Rocker cover has cracked...

    General Discussion
    i do a bit for a rolling road as in my signature we get all kinds in focus st with straight through exhaust pretty much with decat and then mapped for pops and bangs and flames out the back lol moving the 02 sensors closer together is another little trick allows better reactions within the map...
  15. Possible gearbox problem, r53 cooper s

    First Generation Faults & Fixes
    like stu says wheel bearing or diff at worst case maybe.. are you sure the inner joints have not been taken apart and put back together is their wrong slots as such, ie they have 3 sliding slots the inner spider slides in with suspension travel, seen it before when weight on car they feel ok...
  16. Rocker cover has cracked...

    General Discussion
    if in uk and add a decat down pipe its mot failure, but if you cut cat open and remove the internals and weld a piece of pipe between the two ends are and weld back together none will be the wiser by time its been mapped to suit we do this all time, then can map them for pops and bangs,, and if...
  17. 2011 Cigarette Lighter Fuse

    General Discussion
    below link i'm typing all that gain lol
  18. Rocker cover has cracked...

    General Discussion
    this all helps cool things down especially when mapped, it also will force heat to stay inside the cat and make it work better,, or better still have cut out ie element only so looks factory then will pass a mot and all that heat will disappear even more so, ie nothing causing back pressure and...
  19. Rocker cover has cracked...

    General Discussion
    best by far way is to wrap the cat and all pipe work from turbo all way down to after the flexi joint this also prevents the exhaust cooking the oil as well,, wrap with heat shield cloth,, shiny for show black for go...
  20. Rocker cover has cracked...

    General Discussion
    yes they work could also make a alloy shield as well would help
1-20 of 200 Results