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  1. R56 Audio

    Techy Stuff, Computers & Gaming
    If you have one itl be in one of the little cubby holes in the boot. Before you do anything look up channel swapping your audio. From factory the 6x9's run a low pass filter so they dont make bass and the small front speakers have no low pass filter. the channel swap changes this and makes a big...
  2. Post Stage 1 remap upgrades on Cooper D?

    MINI Cooper Diesel
    Ive got a 2010 Cooper D (1.6L BMW engine) making 145hp and 255lbft of torque. this is thanks to a k&n "cone" in the airbox and a stage 1 remap. Is there anything else worth doing that would bump up the power more or is it not worth it?
  3. Gear change/pointer disappeared from display

    MINI Cooper Diesel
    Iv had this, turn the car on and scroll through till the digital display on the tach shows the temperature outside then hold down the button on the stalk.
  4. Hands free - Bluetooth

    MINI Cooper Diesel
    I’m having a similar issue, seems after market external unit’s are available but nothing that slots in and uses the internal systems. In theory it should be a case of installing a small module and a software tweak in NCS expert but finding somewhere that does that around me is impossible.
1-4 of 4 Results