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  1. Insurance asking for "modifications" and "addons" from factory spec

    Finance & Insurance
    Declare absolutely everything. I used to show my car, so I have a full spec list that I forward to the insurance company every year (Adrian Flux). It does depend on your insurance company, but better safe than sorry. Remember, if it's not declared they will not pay out for the mods following an...
  2. MINI2 - 9th March site update - feedback, comments, questions and confusion in here..

    Community Help
    Thought you might like to see what MINI2 looks like from my work PC....... EDIT: Just noticed that images in MINI2 galleries are unaffected.....and now that I've edited this, I've got to find the save changes button amongst all this whitespace..............
  3. MINI2 - 9th March site update - feedback, comments, questions and confusion in here..

    Community Help
    The update has resulted in a nightmare...imagine almost all images (sigs, avatars, buttons) replaced with a 600x400 whitespace image containg the words "Internet linked image has been blocked by Websense". That's what our internet monitoring software at work does.....It only did this on the...
  4. Spotlights for a GP

    First Generation MINI Exterior
    I love them....just wish they were a sensible price like the Wipacs.
  5. Happy Christmas from newministuff

    Best wishes to you all. Hope to deal with you agin in the new year. All the best, Paul.
  6. Dare X4 18" Wheel, Roll Call.....

    Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
    I do believe that you are havin' a laugh :D:D P.S. TheWheelSpecialist (aka LapTab) have just opened in Nottingham, so I will probably be giving them a go in the new year. Still undecided on colour tho'.......
  7. My new roof

    First Generation MINI Exterior
    Oh man, Patrick's not gonna be happy about this......
  8. New GTT300 Turbo 'Topmount'- completed +pics !!

    GT Tuning
    I wish there were mods available for significant power gains on my MC.... It's this stuff that makes me wish I had an MCS.
  9. consequences of window tints

    General Discussion
    I agree, and non-motorcyclists don't realise how important this is.....I for one am glad that tinted front windows are illegal.
  10. USA style corner lights linked to indicators

    First Generation MINI Exterior
    Hi Mikey, just got a replacement rear bumper, so will soon do the rear markers. Are you still happy to swap over the reds for oranges?
  11. Halo sidelights - MOT fail

    First Generation MINI Exterior
    AFAIK, they are E-marked (I've had no problems). As long as your indicator bulbs are also E-marked, just point out the E-marks and they can't fail you (as long as you haven't modified the units in any way.........).
  12. Special Offer: New Gasflowed R53 Heads

    GT Tuning
    Out of interest, what would this do for a Cooper rather than an MCS?
  13. From the UK? EU?

    Adam's Polishes
    Do they have the Porter Cable polisher too?
  14. It's coming! MINI Charity Ball Sep 19th 2009 - celebrating 50 years of MINI

    MINI Charity Ball
    Not missed one yet, so we'll be there Friday onwards.......... .....or earlier if I can persuade the missus that a trip just around the corner to Formby is necessary.....
  15. Modified Halo Sidelights - Another Great job by Mikeythemini

    First Generation MINI Exterior
    Ooooo nice... <----- off to find some pennies.....
  16. Let Down By Stratstone Dealership aftersales.

    Dealership Feedback
    When I went for my 2nd MC, Stratstone Derby ordered the car with the greyscale UJ on the roof. When the car arrived, private plate fitted + other options fitted etc, I went to take a look. Imagine the surprise on my face when I saw the white roof...... Needless to say I was a little upset, and...
  17. Appeal for a front bumper (+ rear too if you have it!)

    First Generation MINI Exterior
    I'm needing a rear bumper myself, but I can't find a solid black one anywhere. Does anyone know roughly how much a respray would be?
  18. Dare X4 18" Wheel, Roll Call.....

    Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
    Out of interest, where are you going to get them refurbed? Mine need doing, but I want anthracite powder coat, not paint......
  19. Guess the GPS Unit

    Autos & Mini Classic
    It's a B2 unit. Fantastic bit of kit, easily the best GPS camera unit available (IMHO). Some time ago they offered a good deal to upgrade to the new POGO units, so I bought the POGO Drive - this also has satnav built in, whilst retaining all that was good about the B2. Highly recommended.
  20. No more rusty discs! New GTT Alloy Bell Boots.

    GT Tuning
    Me please....any chance of a "kit" deal with spiroslots? I'd be interested in a full front set.
1-20 of 189 Results